My Main OC Slush

Just a 14 year-old guy who loves object shows and bannanas. Using with my dad's email WITH permission.

My best buddies on Wiki and Youtube

  • AnthonyBFDI
  • Taopwnh6427
  • SalamenceJacketJeans
  • FleedleDeedle
  • Many more!
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My favorite pages

  • BFSP
  • IDFB
  • BFGI

Camps I Participate

  1. Battle For Gold Palace-OJ and Woody
  2. Battle for Groink Island-Woody
  3. IDFB-Evil Leafy(19th Place)
  4. BFCK-Slush
  5. T.O.S.O.E-Paper(replaced by user) Debut as Woody
  6. BFTU-Tissues
  7. Battle For Nothing-Non Exisity
  8. RCTMIANH2-Slush
  9. FSM-Comicbook
  10. for a bud

My OC's

Currently I have 4 OCs

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