Bottle BFB Intro

"That’s right. We’re all about Preventing Umbreon And Creating Trust." ― Bottle
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is a Pokemon whose girlfriend is Espeon. He is usually seen in parks, and is in a club with her, and 7 other members. He has a berry addiction and is most likely to be the first to try a new breed of berry. He loves them so much, this occasionally happens:

Umbreon:Hey do you know where the Oran Berries are?

Burmy:Sorry, we’re out-


Burmy:Okay Okay! (On walkie thalkie):Hey um, Seth? Yeah, we need some Oran’s or else this guy might go coo coo and destroy my cloak big time. Yeah thanks.

(Another Burmy comes and gives Umbreon the berries, than quickly runs away)

Yeah, never mess with him.

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