Umbrella Tower is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Umbrella Tower is a weird invention that uses the parts of three pink umbrellas, with all of their heads connected with a long, white, steel pipe. On the middle one, there is the arms, and the legs are controlled by the bottom umbrella. The top umbrella does not get to do anything.



Leggy is the bottom one that controls the legs. He is usually happy, and likes to come up with ideas about what the others should do. Since he has the biggest role, he is quite bossy.


Armie controls the arms, and he is in the middle. He is often quiet, but when he needs to be used, he puts his full strength into it. He’s quite a chill guy, and always asks Leggy to go places, and they’re usually good suggestions.


Toppy is the top umbrella with no responsibilities. However, he wishes that he had one of the roles of the others, and he is the one who gets the short end of the stick with everything. He’s pretty fed up of being attached to them.


  • They don’t go to cinemas because they are hated when they block people’s views.
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