• ==the 1st. ? episode! ? ? ? (note: i have a diffrent version of this show on youtube.)==
  • ( as a screen pulls up ? and shows mephone4) ? ? ? mephone: hello readers! welcome to ultimate ? insanity!
  • ? this is where the 13 contestants from BFDI and 13 from I.I ? will compete in challenges for..........
  • one....millon....dollars! and ? they are already here. lets see what they are doing.
  • bubble: hey baloony!? ? hows it been!
  • baloon: first of all im not that loser baloony! second of all ? i-

(baloon gets poped ? by a lemon)

bubble: oooooo a lemo-

(bubble also gets poped )

  • rocky:BLEH! (looks at taco) hi taco
  • taco:SOURCREAM!
  • leafy: hi firey!
  • firey:hi leafy!
  • coiny:(sees nickel) hey look! you have no arms! (laughs)
  • nickel:grrrrrrrrrrNEEDY!
  • (nickel hides behind coiny and needle slaps coiny)
  • coiny:OWWW!
  • needle: dont call me needy!
  • (nickel laughs at coinys pain)
  • baseball: oh......my.......gosh ? this book is horrible!
  • salt: hi oj. you look great today!
  • OJ: um thanks salt.?
  • (OJ runs away from salt while she chases him)
  • david: hi penci and match
  • match: like OMG david said something else than needles catchphrase!
  • pencil: i know match ? anyway ? hi david!
  • mephone: guys it's time for th first challenge!
  • TO..............BE............CONTINUED.
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