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*Note: Episodes 1 and 2 have a Blue border due to them being Re-Pasted from the old page.

Ultimate Objects Episode 1

The Host: Welcome to a brand new series coming at you live from a private resort in Vancouver, Brittish Columbia for the start of the course!

'The Host:' You see, 24 contestants will be here today to have the chance at a resort in Miami, Florida. All they have to do is travel across North America to get there. Easy, huh? Wrong!

'The Host:' The contestants will have to fight in teams of 8, each team consisting of a group of contestants from a part of a youtube series. If they lose, they will face elimination and they will also face The Headpin.

'Headpin (?):' Then I will choose who get's to stay on the losing team and who is eliminated.

'The Host:' If a contestant is eliminated, then they will have to take the cab of shame to catch the Plane of Losers at the nearest airport. Whoever outlasts everyone else in the game, and get's to Miami first will win $1,000,000 and a resort in Miami, Florida! The rest will then be chosen of who get's to come in and who doesn't.

'The Host:' So let's find out who will win, who will lose, and who will not become the Ultimate Object!

*After opening scene*

The Host: Welcome back to Ultimate Objects! So the 24 contestants have already been told what the rules are, and here they come now!

'Apple:' Umm... where am I?

'The Host:' You're here at the Ultimate Objects starting location!

'Apple:' Ummm... what?

'The Host: -_-' Anyways, here comes Baseball!

'Baseball:' Thanks for having me here, man!

'The Host:' Blocky!

'Blocky:' Yeah! Time to kick butt!

'The Host:' David!

'David:' Awww... seriously?

'The Host:' Dictionary!

'Dictionary:' Anyone need help with english homework?

'The Host:' Eraser!

Eraser: Hey Everyone! Better leave cause I'm gonna win!

'The Host:' What a terrible lie. Fanny!

'Fanny:' If you think you're gonna win, you're wrong!

'The Host:' Fries!

'Fries:' *Eating fries*

'The Host: -_-' Leafy!

'Leafy:' Aww where's Firey? :(

'Eraser:' Oh great. You're here. No Firey to save you this time, huh? >:)

'Leafy:' D:

'The Host:' Marker!

'Marker:' I have a tattoo!

'The Host:' Marshmallow!

'Marshmallow:' Am I too hot for you? :P

'The Host: 0_0' Match!

'Match:' Like, hello everyone! Like, OMG why is Leafy here?

'Leafy:' D:

'The Host:' Nickel!

'Nickel:' I'm worth 5 cents, but that prize is exclusive for me


'The Host:' Orange Juice!

'OJ:' You can call me OJ.

'The Host:' Paintbrush!

'Paintbrush:' Hello everyone :)

'The Host:' Pen!

'Pen:' Boo ya!

'Marker:' Pfft. Wanna-be >_>

'The Host:' Pencil!

'Pencil:' Match! :D

'The Host:' Pepper!

'Pepper:' Salty-salt? D:

'The Host:' Pin!

'Pin:' Leafy still deserves the death penalty! >:D

'Leafy:' DDDDD:

'The Host:' Introducing, Robot Flower!

'Robot Flower:' Let me win or I'll crush you!

'The Host:' Ruby!

'Ruby:' I'm priceless!

'The Host:' Salt!

'Pepper:' Salty-salt! :DDD

'Salt:' Pepper!! :DDD

'The Host:' Tennis Ball!

'TB:' Yeahhhrrrr.

'The Host:' And finally, TV!

'TV:' I have, like, 1008 channels!

'The Host:' So welcome 24 contestants!

'Contestants:' Hello!

'Marshmallow:' Can we see who's the Headpin?

'The Host:' If your team loses, you'll find out.

'Marker:' T-t-t-t-t-team?

'The Host:' That's right. There will be 3 teams of 8 people of one show.

'The Host:' So BFDI Contestants, stand over there.

*Blocky, Eraser, Leafy, Match, Pen, Pencil, Pin and TB stand on the red mat*

'The Host:' Your team name is "Team Islanders"


'TB:' Why Team Islanders?

'Leafy:' Cause we're from the show Battle for Dream Island, am I correct?

'Blocky:' Shut it, Leafy!

'Leafy:' D:

'The Host:' Inanimate Insanity members, stand over there.

*Apple, Baseball, Marshmallow, Nickel, OJ, Paintbrush, Pepper and Salt stand on the green mat*

The Host: Your team name is "Team Acromania"{C}{C}

'Apple:' What?

'OJ:' It means a violent form of incurable insanity.

'Nickel:' Oh! That makes much more sense!

'The Host:' The rest of you, go stand over there

*David, Dictionary, Fanny, Fries, Marker, Robot Flower, Ruby and TV stand on the blue mat*

'The Host:' Your team name is "Team Outcasts"{C}{C}

'David:' Awww... seriously?

'The Host:' Your rooms are up in the loghouse about 10 minutes east from here. Get some rest. You'll need it.

*They get to their loghouses*

'Baseball:' Wow. This is amazing!

'Nickel:' If you mean that in comparison of Idiotic Island, yeah it's pretty sweet!

*Loghouse 2*

'Pin:' All in favor of sending Leafy to sleep outside, say 'I'

Everyone but Leafy and TB: 'I'

'Leafy:' Seriously guys? What cruelty have I done for you to do this to me?

'Eraser:' Be quiet, exiled! Be gone with you!

'TB:' :/

'Leafy:' :(

*Loghouse 3*

'Marker:' Now this is the luxury I need to stay in!

'David:' Awwww... seriously?

'Dictionary:' Are you going to say something OTHER than that?

'David:' NO!!

'Dictionary:' 0_0

*Back outside Loghouse 2*

'Leafy:' Hey TB :(

'TB:' Hey Leafy. Sorry for what's going on.

'Leafy:' It's not your fault. It's mine. I depended too much on Firey to save me, and now I'm on my own D:

'TB:' I know how you feel. I miss GB alot, and it's a bit different without Rocky here to barf on everyone.

'Leafy:' Thanks for your support, TB, but I bet the Headpin will make me first eliminated.

'TB:' Well, you never know. It's the Headpin's full descision to choose, he can't let one outrage from the entire team against you change his descision.

'Leafy:' You should go back inside.

'TB:' You sure you'll be fine out here?

Leafy: Trust me. I was born and raised out here. I'll manage.

'TB:' Alright, goodnight Leafy.

'Leafy:' Goodnight, TB. And thanks :)

'The Host:' What will happen next? Tune in to Part 2 of Ultimate Objects to find out!

Ultimate Objects Episode 1 Part 2{C}{cke_pcted_21}'Edit

*Inside Loghouse 2*

Eraser: Ugh. What a night!

Pen: I'll say. I probably had the worst sleep in my entire life!

Blocky: You said it! Pencil, Pin and Pencil were having a girls party, and Tennis Ball was reading pretty much the whole night!

Pen: I wonder what our first challenge will be?

Eraser: Probably something cruel or deadly.

*Inside Loghouse 1*

Baseball: Good morning, Nickel!

Nickel: Hey Baseball! Think you'll hit a homerun today?

Baseball: I suppose so. I had a pretty good sleep, other than the party next door.

Marshmallow: You said it!

Baseball: Oh my god, Marshmallow! What happened!?

Marshmallow: I was outside for a bit, and the party was so loud that the electrical wire set a spark and set me on fire >_>

Nickel: Ouch! Man, sucks to be you! D:

Salt: Good morning, OJ! <3

OJ: Gah! Salt, what are you doing!?

Salt: I thought I could be a friend, so I brought you some orange juice :)

OJ: I'm not canibalistic! I don't eat, or drink, my own kind!

Salt: Oh. I'm sorry :/

*Inside Loghouse 3*

Robot Flower: I'm going to crush whoever partied it out last night!

Dictionary: You said it! That party left us with no power! D:

David: Awww... seriously?

Marker: Ugh! Am I the only normal person here? -_-

*A horn goes off*

The Host: Teams! Get ready to come down to the local Mess Hall in 30 minutes!

Leafy: Huh? Oh, it was just the host. Oh man, I feel so alone :(

*OJ comes out of the loghouse and sees Leafy*

OJ: Huh? Leaf?

Leafy: It's Leafy, and leave me alone :(

OJ: Team Islanders excluding you?

Leafy: Yeah, how did you know?

OJ: Look, that doesn't matter. I want you to have the best time here possible, so I was wondering if you wanted to form an alliance with me?

Leafy: That would be wonderful! :)

OJ: It will be just be people that feel alone, so they can feel better in this competition.

Leafy: Thanks so much, OJ! You're so sweet!

OJ: Stop acting like Salt, please D:

Leafy: Salt stalking you?

OJ: Yeah, how did you know?

Leafy: It doesn't matter :D

OJ: Touché.

*30 minutes later*

The Host: Welcome to Day 2 of Ultimate Objects! Did everyone have a good sleep.

Everyone: ......................................

The Host: -_- Anyways, we are going to start the first leg!

Apple: You're going to cut off my LEG!?

The Host: ...no. -_-

The Host: So pack up your stuff. We're going to Seattle!

Paintbrush: Why? o_0

The Host: Well how else are we supposed to get to Miami without competition?

Paintbrush: Good point.

*After they all pack their stuff*

The Host: So to win, you guys need to win as a team. And that means that Team Islanders, you have to work with Leafy.

Everyone but Leafy and TB: Awwwww.

Leafy: *Smiles at OJ*

OJ: :)

The Host: You have your maps. On your mark. Get set. GO!!

TV: Come on, team! We gotta win! D:

*Everyone's lying around almost asleep*

Robot Flower: If you don't do the challenge, I'll crush you!

Fanny: Okay! Let's do the challenge!

David: Awww... seriously?

Pencil: Leafy. Here's your chance to prove your worth to the team. Don't let it slip away.

Leafy: Alright :)

Blocky: Don't take that too seriously. We'll be watching you...

Leafy: D:>

Pepper: Salty-salt! Come on!

Salt: I'm coming! D:

*Later in the course*

TB: Hey Leafy!

Leafy: Yeah, TB?

TB: Isn't the Pacific (Ocean) so beautiful?

Leafy: Yeah... it is quite beautiful. :)

TB: I wish GB were here. She'd love this :/

Leafy: Firey would love this too, even though it could kill him :(

Pin: Hey Leafy! Keep up!

Leafy: Cmon TB! We gotta keep up!

*Team Acromania*

Salt: I'm so tired!

Pepper: Me too. Who knew city traveling would be so difficult?

*Everyone on Team Acromania raises their hands*

Pepper: Haha, very funny. (Sarcasm)

Nickel: Can we try to pick up the pace? I can see Team Outcasts catching up.

Robot Flower: Faster, you weeklings, or I'll crush you!

Ruby: Ahhh!! The light! It's being trapped inside my body. It's so hot!

Fanny: Here! I'll help. *Cools him down*

Ruby: Oh my gosh! Thank you so much, Fanny!

Fanny: No problem :)

The Host: We're here in Waterfront Park in Seattle, Washington waiting for the teams to come. And here comes one of the teams!

*Team Acromania crosses the finish line*

The Host: Congradulations, Team Acromania. You've made it first, so you get an advantage in tomorrow's leg.


The Host: -_-

*Team Outcasts cross the finish line*

The Host: Team Outcasts. Second place.

Robot Flower: Really guys!? Next time, try harder!!

Marker: Whatever >:(

The Host: I'm sorry, Team Islanders, but someone on your team will be going home.

Pen: Bye bye, Leafy!

Leafy: D:

The Host: Oh. You thought you were voting, were you? Well you're not!

Eraser: What.........

The Host: That's Headpin's job.

Pin: And who IS Headpin?

The Host: Follow me to the courtyard and I'll show you. The rest of you. 20 minutes north is where your new loghouses are. Rest up this time.

Marshmallow: >_>

*Team Islanders get to the Courtyard*


*Headpin reveals himself*

Leafy: You!

Headpin: Hello, Leafy. :)

Leafy: FIREY!!!! :D

Firey: Leafy! I've been waiting the length of Vancouver to Seattle to see you again <:)

The Host: Since he won Battle for Dream Island last year, we allowed him a contract into being the headpin for this season :)

Eraser: Well, say goodbye to Leafy's chances of losing.

Match: Like, whatever. We still have the arguement into persuading Firey.

Firey: So I've been watching you all and what you have been doing.

Blocky: ...stalker.

Firey: So there's no need to lie. This elimination is now in session.

*After the arguements*

Firey: I will now state the following people that are safe.

Firey: Tennis Ball

TB: Yeahhhhrrrr.

Firey: Blocky

Blocky: :)

Firey: Pin

Pin: Yeah!! :D

Firey: and finally, Pencil.

Pencil: :)

Firey: Eraser, Leafy and Match. I have reasons to eliminate you.

Firey: Eraser, you, as well as Blocky and Pen and everyone else, were mean to Leafy. I didn't nominate you because of my relationship with Leafy. It's the fact that is not how you treat your teamates, no matter what they did.

Firey: Leafy, even though they discluded you, you could've done a better job at gaining their trust. You have a voice, now use it.

Leafy: Understood :)

Firey: Match, although you partying with friends kept everyone up later, but also kept you up the latest. You need to be energized to do challenges. Try to support your team better next time.

Match: >_>

Firey: Leafy, you are safe for tonight. Now enjoy the wonders of Seattle.

Firey: Eraser and Match, one of you will be the first eliminated. The final name I'm going to call is...

Eraser: >_>

Match: D:>

Eraser: -_________-

Match: DDDDD:>

Firey: ...Eraser. I'm sorry, Match. You have been evicted and eliminated from the game.

Match: Noooo!!! D:

Eraser: Yeah! Safe for another day!

The Host: The Headpin has made his descision final. Match, the Cab of Shame is outside ready to pick you up. It is time to go.

Match: *Leaves*

The Host: As for the rest of you, get some rest. Don't party too late.

Pencil: Very funny :(

Leafy: I'm sorry, Pencil, for your loss.

Pencil: Thanks for making Firey choose Match, Leafy. You've lost my trust.

Leafy: D:

The Host: So Match is not the Ultimate Object, but there are still 23 contestants left. Tune into episode 2 next time!

Match's Final Words{C}{C}e_protected_24}'Edit

Match: I guess I partied a little too hard. I shook my team too much, and that led to my elimination. If Firey didn't have love for Leafy, I would've stayed. Then again, I know how Firey must've felt. I mean, I wouldn't of eliminated Pence-Pence if I was Headpin. Oh well :(

Match: Hey flight attendant! Where is this plane going?

Flight Attendant: Loserville; a resort nearby Miami, Florida.

Match: Really? Nice! Bye Pencil! Win the money and the resort for me :)

Ultimate Objects Episode 2{C}{C}{C}'Edit {C}§ In Loghouse 2*

Pencil: I can't believe you! Making Firey take Match away from us! What was that for!?

'Leafy:' For the last time, Pencil, it wasn't my descision! It was Firey's own descision to eliminate Match, not mine.

'Pin:' Pencil's right, Leafy. Had Firey not had a relationship with you, you would've been eliminated first and Match would've stayed.

'Leafy:' Yeah, but he still had a reason to eliminate me. He's doing his job!

'Eraser:' Shut up, Leafy! No one wants to listen to you.

'Tennis Ball:' Alright that's it! I can't take much more of this!

'Blocky:' What are you talking about?

'Tennis Ball:' Can't you see? Leafy's doing everything to try and be nice, and this is how you repay her!?

'Leafy:' See? Can't we just stop fighting?

'Pen:' Stuff a sock in it, Leafy. I'd rather listen to Robot Flower than you.

*Inside Loghouse 3*

'Robot Flower:' Fanny! Cool me down!

'Fanny:' -_-

'Robot Flower:' Fries! I need something to eat!

'Fries:' My insides!! Gone! DDD:

'Robot Flower:' David! Give me something to drink!

'David:' Awwww... seriously?

'Robot Flower:' Yuck! This is cold! I like my drinks warm! Ruby! Warm this up for me!

'Ruby:' This is going to hurt D: *Light reflects off of Ruby to warm it up*

'Robot Flower:' TV! Give me a good Television channel!

'TV:' Here! *Puts on Mr.Bean*

'Robot Flower:' Who is that? o_0

'TV:' He's Mr. Bean.

'Robot Flower:' Well I hate him! He looks like he was born in a garbage dump and dropped on his head! Dictionary! Give me something to read!

'Dictionary:' Gulp D:

'Robot Flower:' Robot Flower... definition... A SELFISH ROBOT VERSION OF FLOWER FROM BFDI!?

'Dictionary:' But it's true. Dictionaries can't lie!

'Robot Flower:' GET OUT OF HERE! *Throws Dictionary out the window*

'Dictionary:' *Falls at the feet of OJ and Leafy*

'OJ:' o_0

'Leafy:' You too?

'Dictionary:' "You too" what?

'OJ:' She means your being excluded out of your team.

'Dictionary:' You mean the Floewr Power Empire?

'Leafy:' The what?

'Dictionary:' Robot Flower's using us as servants, not teamates. She even asked the host to switch their tribe name from Team Outcast to Flower Power Emipre -_-

'OJ:' Sounds bad...

'Leafy:' You know, Oj and I are starting an alliance for the exiled of their teams. Wanna join?

'Dictionary:' Depends... will you help me get rid of Robot Flower?

'Leafy:' Trust me. I had to deal with the original Flower in my season. I'm going to help you :)

'Dictionary:' Thanks guys! :D See ya in the morning!

'OJ:' I better get some shut eye too. Good night Leafy.

'Leafy:' Good night, OJ :) And good luck with Salt.

'OJ:' Haha, very funny <_<

'Leafy:' :)

*The next morning*

'The Host:' *Blows horn* Wake up contestants! Pack up, eat breakfast and meet me at Waterfront Park in 2 hours!

'''*Inside loghouse 1*

'Apple:' *dreaming* NOO!! PLEASE! DON'T CUT OFF MY LEGSS!!!

'Pepper:' o_0

'Baseball:' I still can't believe we got a loghouse next to the pacific!

'Nickel:' Yeah. The ocean is pretty glamorous.

'Marshmallow:' Since when did you start using that word? :P

'Nickel:' -_- Since I had a life.

'Baseball:' Oh snap! You did not just do that XD

'Marshmallow:' >_>

'Salt:' Wake up sleepy boy...

'OJ:' Gah! Salt! Where were you last night!?

'Salt:' I was under your bed in my sleeping bad, silly! :3

'OJ:' Andddd... why were you doing that?

'Salt:' Because I lov-- I mean I wanted to be closer to you :3

'OJ:' o_o

*Inside Loghouse 2*

'Eraser:' Hey guys! Let's try to add some skill to our team right now :)

'Pin:' And what are we going to do?

'Eraser:' I can slide some pillows towards you guys and you guys can jump over them :)

'Pen:' Brilliant!

'Eraser:' Alright! Here comes pillow #1!

*Everyone falls*

'Eraser:' 0_0 This may take awhile.

*Inside Loghouse 3*

'Marker:' Ugh! I'm tired! Robot Flower used me to write down rules.

'Dictionary:' I kept being thrown around the room!

'Ruby:' Ahhh! I'm going to burst! Cool me down, Fanny! PLEASE!

Fanny: ___________________________________.

'Marker:' He ran out of power...

'David:' Awww... seriously? *Faints*

'TV:' ________________________________________.

'Dictionary:' TV's out of power too...

'Ruby:' The heat... I'm going to... bursttttt..... *breaks*


'Marker:' We're doomed...

*At Waterfront Park*

'The Host:' Hello contestants! Ready for your next challenge?

'Everyone except Team Outcasts:' Yeah!!

'Robot Flower:' Come on guys! We can do this!

'Everyone else on Team Outcasts:' *moannnnnnn*

The Host: So the next, uhhh...

'Apple:' >_>

'The Host:' ...setting! The next setting is a trail from Seattle to Spokane. On my go you will follow your maps on the path towards Spokane. The place you are looking for is the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. The last team to make it there will face the Headpin, where someone will be evicted and eliminated. GO!

*Team Islanders and Acromania start quickly*

'Robot Flower:' Really? You slackers are so lazy!

'Marker:' TV and Fanny are out of power, Ruby contains too much heat, my ink ran out, Dictionary is too dizzy...

'Dictionary:' Hey guys! I think I found the trail! *Falls over the fence into the water and dies*

'Marker:' ...and it's all thanks to you. If we lose, you're gone.

'Robot Flower:' Fine. Let me do all the work then! <_<

'David:' Awww... seriously?

'Robot Flower:' Oh you want to do it, David? Good!

'David:' Awww... seriously?

*Team Acromania*

'Paintbrush:' OJ! What's the scoop on the other teams?

'OJ:' Team 2 is right behind us, but team 3 is nowhere to be seen!

'Salt:' wow, OJ! Your amazing at tracking!

'Pepper:' o_0

'OJ:' D:

'Baseball:' It's so hard to carry all this stuff!

'Nickel:' You're telling me! I have it harder than you!

'Pen:' Hello, Acromaniacs >:)

'Baseball:' Nooo! They're passing us! I just hope they don't pass the rest of the team...

*Team Islanders*

'Eraser:' Haha! We're catching up!

'Blocky:' We are NOT getting last place again! Never!!

'Pencil:' Match :(

'Pin:' It's okay Pencil. :(

'Leafy:' :/

'Pencil:' Alright, that's it! Bring it on Leafy!

'Leafy:' Pencil! What are you doing?

'Pencil:' Taking you out of the equation so I don't have to put up with you!

'Leafy:' x_x

'Pencil:' And stay there! >:(


'The Host:' We're here in Spokane, Washington to witness who will win this leg (Phew. Apple's not here :P)

*Team Islanders finishes first with Team Acromania right behind*

'Tennis Ball:' We won? WE WON!!!

'Team Islanders:' YEAH!!!

'Nickel:' Come on. We lost? :(

'The Host:' Not so fast Team Islanders. You're missing a player.

'Pin:' Leafy's not here!

'Eraser:' Great! Now she's making us lose!

'Pencil:' Well that's special! Now we're going to be last place! (>:))

'Pepper:' So we're first place?

'The Host:' That's right!

'Team Acromaniacs:' YEAH!!!!!!


'Robot Flower:' Come on David! Faster! Faster!!

'David:' Awww... *deep breath* Seri---ously---?

'Dictionary:' *Thinking* What the heck is that? OH MY GOD! That's Leafy!

'Dictionary:' David! Stop right now!

'Robot Flower:' Hey! Don't sabotage us!

'Dictionary:' I'm not sabotaging you! Look! *Points at an unconsious Leafy*

'Marker:' Is that Leafy?

'Dictionary:' It is! And she's unconsious! Put her on the back of the caravan!

'Robot Flower:' We don't have time for that!

'Dictionary:' Would your original version do this?

'Robot Flower:' 0_0 Your right! Put her on the back, in case we still have a chance of winning, then Team Islanders would be last and whoever did this would pay!

'Marker:' Exactly!

*Even later*

'OJ:' Ugh! It's been 1 hour since we arrived. Where are Leafy and Team Outcasts.

'The Host:' Here come Team Outcasts!

'Dictionary:' Someone! Anyone! We need help!

'The Host:' What in the name of...

'Marker:' We need immediate attention, stat!

'OJ:' Oh my god! Leafy!

'Pin:' What happened?

'Marker:' We found her lying unconsious in the forest!

'Salt:' Anyone a doctor here? D:

*In the courtyard*

'Firey:' Oh my god, LEAFY! I must save her! D:

'???:' You do not want to do that?

'Firey:' What the... how did you get in here!?

???: The same way you're getting OUT.

'Firey:' AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

{C}§ Back outside*

'The host:' Well since technechly, Leafy was the last to cross the finish line, Team Islanders I'll see you at elimination!

'Eraser:' Thanks alot Leafy!

'Leafy:' ___________________

*They go to the courthouse*


*Nothing happens*

'The Host:' Firey? o_0

'Pen:' Where's Firey?

'The Host:' Hang on, I'l going to go check.

'???:' I already checked for you.

'The Host:' Who?

'???:' I'm Firey's REPLACEMENT. I'll be doing eliminations now.

'The Host:' You are not authorized to do this!

'???:' Am I? Well maybe my catapult will clear things up.

'The Host:' *Get's catapulted away* AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

???: Anyways, this elimination is now in session. If I call your name, you're safe:

'???:' Pen, Pin, Tennis Ball and Blocky.

'Pen, Pin, TB and Blocky:' .............

'???:' Eraser, Leafy and Pencil. I have reasons to eliminate you.

'???:' Eraser. You lack effort in your challenges. Instead of trying to improve it, you slack off and set up a stupid minigame.

'Eraser:' I thought it was good at the time!

'???:' Leafy, you are also lacking effort in your challenges. With your injury, I guarentee you, that you won't last much longer.


'???:' Pencil,you...

'Firey:' You do not treat Leafy like that!

'???:' You again!?

'Firey:' Take this! *Burns his cloak*

'Everyone:' Speaker Box!?

'Speaker:' I didn't get a job for this series! Firey never deserved it. He's nothing without me!

'Firey:' But you're not my replacement, you're not the co-host and you do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT treat Leafy like that. *Burns him*

'Speaker:' AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

'Firey:' I'm sorry, Leafy. If you can hear me, I hope you get better. You're safe.

'Firey:' Eraser; you're safe too.

'Pencil:' Wait. But that means...

'Firey:' I'm sorry Pencil, but what you did will not be forgiven.

'Pen:' What is he talking about?

'Pencil:' I'm sorry guys. I was the one who put Leafy into critical condition.

'Everyone:' WHAT!?!?!?!?

'Pencil:' My jealousy for her getting rid of Match made me blind with anger. I backstabbed her and lay her in the forest alone. I was hoping with her condition that it would be enough to get her out of the game.

'Blocky:' It may be Leafy, but that is cold.

'Firey:' Pencil, you have been exiled and eliminated from the game. It's time for you to go.

'Pencil:' Bye guys!

'Pin:' :(

'Firey:' We're not done here yet.

'Everyone:' What!?

'Firey:' Team Acromania, step forward.

*Team Acromania steps into the courthouse*

'Firey:' Due to what happened, we're making a trade between these two teams.

'Firey:' Leafy, you'll be on Team Acromania now.

'Firey:' And Team Islanders, you'll be getting Paintbrush.

'Paintbrush:' What!? Why me!?

'Firey:' This elimination ceremony is closed! Go back to your loghouses and rest up.

Pencil's Final Words{C}{cke_protected_37_protected_38}'Edit 'Pencil:' I can't believe this! Eliminated 2nd! I thought I could do better :/

'Pencil:' I hope Leafy makes a full recovery. And I hope she does better on Team Acromania than Team Islanders. Those idiots from Team Islanders don't know what they just lost, just like what I did to Leafy. :(

'Pencil:' Match, here I come :D

Episode 3: Acromanic Stampede

The Host: Last time on Ultimate Objects!

The Host: Spokane! The contestants were forced to work together once again and travel to Spokane from Seattle. Firey was captured by someone unknown, and later revealed it to be Speaker Box. Pencil became ticked after Match's elimination, beat up Leafy and left her there, and was voted off by Firey.

The Host: 2 down, 22 to go! Who will win? Who will lose? And who will become the Ultimate Object? Find out!

  • After intro*
  • Inside Team Islanders' cabin*

Blocky: Great. We've lost two competetors, and now we have some weird paintbrush on our team.

Paintbrush: Hey! Not very nice >_>

Pin: At least we're now a team without Leafy!

Eraser: Yeah that's true, but now we got dead weight on our team!

Paintbrush: Yeah. Yourself, Eraser. >_<

TB: Okay, guys! Calm down!

Pen: Be quiet, Tennis Ball. You don't even have arms!

Eraser: What are you anyways? A boy or a girl?

Paintbrush: Are you serious!? I'm obviously a---

*A horn goes off*

The Host: Contestants! Come to the courthouse immediately!

*15 minutes later*

Firey: Hey! What's going on? Shouldn't they be doing the challenge?

The Host: I have an announcement to make. Because of the Speaker Box, we're now on budget cuts. As a result, Firey, you're fired.

Everyone: What!?

Firey: How is firing me gonna help the pain?

The Host: Because now, you're a contestant! Firey, go stand over there with Team Islanders.

  • Firey walks over*

Firey: Well, at least I'm with people I know!

Blocky: *Mean growl*

Firey: (Talking to himself) People that want to kill me DX

The Host: I hope you like rodeos, because today, we'll be going to Calgary, Alberta!

Leafy: I love rodeos!

Nickel: You're one weird person, Leafy xD

The Host: Since you'll be crossing the border again, we've provided you with horses, but we could only afford one for each team.

Firey: Oh no! I'll burn the horse! D:

TB: You're worrying to much, Firey! You can sit on my head if you want.

Firey: Really? Thanks!

Leafy: :)

The Host: We've also provided you with a map. You're looking for the Calgary Saddledome, home of the hockey team Calgary Flames.

Firey: Well that's just ironic xD

The Host: So! Everyone ready?

Paintbrush: Well actually, I had a question about---

The Host: START!!!

Leafy: Everyone! Get on!

  • Everyone get's on*

Leafy: Yee-haw! *Kicks the horse*

  • Horse starts running*

OJ: Wow! Nice job Leafy!

Salt: Yeah... Nice job OJ... UHHH, I mean Leafy! <:D

OJ and Pepper: o_0

Paintbrush: Let's see... If TB sits in front, me in back, Firey up top...

Eraser: Out of my way! I wanna try this!

Blocky: Coming up!

*Pin tries to go up but stabs horse in the a**. Get it? a**?*

Horse: NEIGHHHH!!! *Starts running*

Pen: Oh no! Blocky and Eraser are gone!

Paintbrush: and Pin! D:

Firey: What will we do!

The Host: Find out after the break!

  • After the break*

Marshmallow: I don't see the other contestants

Pepper: Great! We got a lead!

Nickel: Hey wait. Our horse--- he's slowing down!

Baseball: Do you think it might be because of my so-called "chubbiness?"

*The horse collapses*

Fanny: We'll take that as a yes.

*Team Outcasts passes them*

Salt: Nice going, Baseball! >:(

Baseball: Heh heh. *Oh god*

*Team Islanders*

TB: So what do we do?

Firey: I guess we'll have to improvise :/

Pen: Good idea, Firey. Let's see...

Paintbrush: We got some wood, some leaves, grass, a flower---

Firey: Oh I don't Flower, she's mean.

Pen: Well, what else are we gonna do? We've lost 3 of our friends... well, 2 friends and Pin.

Paintbrush: Why do you hate Pin? She's pretty nice.

Pen: Yeah, well, don't tell her I said that.

*Team Outcasts*

Robot Flower: Faster! Faster! GO GO GO!

Dictionary: How exciting! *Opens up* Calgary! A city build in the region of Alberta. It is famous for the Calgary Stampede, an event where millions attend.

David: Awww seriously?

Fanny: I find that intersting, David! >:(

Dictionary: I still can't believe what happened to Leafy yesterday. That was just cruel.

Ruby: Yeah, it was suprising! D:

Robot Flower: Whatever, I see the finish!

Marker: That's awesome! I can't wait to get first place!

*They cross the finish line*

The Host: Team Outcasts, congradulations, you are 1st place.

Team Outcasts: Yeah!

Fries: *Eating fries*

Marker: -_-

*Team Islanders*

Pen: Ugh... we've been... walking for... ever!

Paintbrush: Where is... the finish???

TB: Hey... do you see.. that?

Firey: It's Blocky and Eraser on the horse!

Paintbrush: And Pin!

Pin: Hey guys!

Blocky: :D

TB: How'd you find us, let alone turn the horse around?

Eraser: Long story. I still don't know how Pin did it!

Pen: Wait... Pin?

Pin: :)

Eraser: We need to go quick. Team Acromania lost their horse, but they're almost at Calgary!

Firey: Let's go!

*Team Acromania*

Salt: Well, we don't have our horse anymore, thanks to Baseball.

Baseball: Look, I'm sorry, okay? It's not my fault I'm chubby.

Salt: Oh yeah? Well I guess your mommy is to blame!

Baseball: No! You don't not talk about my mom like that!

Salt: Come at me bro!

Leafy: Guys stop! I can see the finish line!

OJ: And I can see Team Islanders!

Nickel: Run!!!

The Host: Looks like the teams are neck and neck

TB: Guys! Slow down! I'm slipping!

Pin: Speed up! We can beat the other team!

The Host: It's gonna be a photo finish!

*They cross at the same time*

Eraser: It's a... tie?

The Host: No wait! In the horizon! TB and Baseball haven't crossed yet!

TB: Baseball! Give up!

Baseball: No! How bout you!

TB: Grrr!! *Throws a twig at Baseball, screwing him up*

*TB crosses*

The Host: Team Islanders win! Which means that Team Acromania, after two 1st place finishes, you will be going to elimination.

Salt: Grrrrrr!!!! *Looks at Baseball*

Baseball: *Oh no...*

*At elimination*

The Host: Since Firey was fired, you will be voting who to be eliminated!

Salt: Sweet!

The Host: So the following recieved no votes! ...Pepper, OJ, Nickel, Leafy and Apple!

The Host: Baseball, Marshmallow and Salt. You all recieved at least 1 vote.

The Host: Marshmallow, you recieved only 1 vote, from Apple.

Marshmallow: Well that figures.

Apple: <_<

The Host: So Baseball and Salt, one of you will be eliminated. By a vote of 4-3-1, the final person safe is:

'Baseball: 'D:

Salt: >_>

Baseball: DDD:

Salt: >__>

The Host: Salt!

Salt: Heh heh. See ya never, Baseball!

Baseball: Well, I guess Lightbulb was right. I'm chubby, and I payed the consequences.

The Host: This elimination ceremony is over! Baseball, the cab of shame awaits.

*Baseball leaves*

Nickel: *whispers to Salt* You shouldn't have done that.

Salt: My fellow competetor, you don't know what's next >:)

The Host: The chubby Baseball is gone. Get some shut eye. Head back to your cabins.

*They leave*

The Host: 3 down, 21 to go! Who will be eliminated next? Find out next time on Ultimate Objects!

Baseball's final words:

Baseball: God! I wanted to win so badly! I guess Lightbulb was right about me.

Baseball: Now I'm eliminated, thanks to Salt, and now I'm going some place where I'm gonna be stuck with two girls! (Match and Pencil)

Baseball: Well, I hope Nickel hits home plate, cause I've strucken out.

Baseball: I'll be back, Salt, sooner than you imagine!

Ultimate Objects Episode 4: Splash Attack

The Host: Last time on Ultimate Objects!

The Host: Calgary! Home of the Calgary Stampede, and the Calgary Flames. Firey ended up getting fired and placed as a contestant. Leafy made a quick impression on her new team, while Paintbrush... didn't. However, Baseball ended up losing the challenge for his team for being so clumsy, and was voted out in the first ever voting for the contestants!

The Host: We've knocked out 3 players: Match, Pencil and Baseball. Let's find out who will survive, who will thrive, and who will become the Ultimate Object!

*After intro*

Marker: Are you kiding me? You've been using us this whole time!

Robot Flower: And I've been helping you losers!

Marker: Oh sure. You "help" us by making us do your dirty work and treat you like a god!

Robot flower: Which I AM, thank you very much.

Marker: No you aren't! You're just a piece of junk that is ripped off of a BFDI character and bosses people around!

Robot Flower: That's it! Prepare to die!

Dictionary: Break it up, guys!

Robot Flower and Marker: Shut up Dictionary!

Dictionary: What if I don't want to? I have my voice, everyone has their voice.

Fries: *Eating fries*

TV: Uhhh... well, Dictionary is right. We have a right to be here, and you've been dominating us Robot Flower!

Marker: >:)

Dictionary: And youuuuuuu *Points at Marker*, I thought I was wrong about you, but I'm actually right. You are *opens up* a purple marker that plays by his own rules and misbehaves!

Marker: Whatever, I'm outta here...

  • Outside the cabins*

Leafy: It is so great that you are now in the game Firey :)

Firey: Yeah, I guess it is. Especially to be with you Leafy :)

Leafy: I just hope I am not kicked out soon. We have so much time to be together :D

Firey: But that's the problem Leafy. We're on seperate teams, me on Team Islanders, you on Team Acromania. If we stay together for too long, our teams will kick us out.

OJ: *walks out of his cabin* Hey Leafy! How's it going?

Leafy: Good! You know Firey, right?

OJ: Yeah, that's why I came out here. Firey, we need to tell you something.

Leafy: We do?

OJ: Yeah, we do. Listen, Firey, Leafy and I are in an outcast alliance. I'm also trying to get Dictionary in, but the point is, Firey, we need you in our alliance.