USB is a male contestant on Object Universe, and Object Twoniverse.


I have a Car for No Apparent Reason

USB first appears in this episode along with Atlas, Golf Club, Gumball, Propeller Hat, Mii U, Icicle, Disco Ball, Remote, and Magnet who competed to the race to The Island of Evil Window. He is so excited that he hopes he could win. He goes into Disco Ball's car with Atlas, and Remote. He doesn't like the taste of money when Atlas and the others are almost to the island. USB, Remote, and Disco Ball join the game.

Revived Rivals

In Revived Rivals, USB told Ice Cream about that him, Remote and Disco Ball joined and said if she is happy about it. Ice Cream feels thrilled about it. He votes for himself, and he was safe. In the challenge, USB gave Ice Cream a cake, which is ice cream flavored, she doesn't know why he made that and there is no immunity for him. He was up for elimination along with TV.

Big City Objects

In Big City Objects, he became so annoying due to saying Best Buddies many times. In elimination, he gotten 225 votes making him eliminated.


  • He is one of the three late debuters who debuted in Object Universe, the other two being Remote, and Disco Ball.


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