Nonexisty: Welcome Back to UOF! Last time, the team captain had to pick teams. Let's see them:

Arizona Diamondbacks Millionare Coins
Bubble Wand Wheat
Tune Gelitan
Planety Lightning
Knife Bean
Yoyleberry Hairspray

Nonexist: Also, some news. You can sign up as many carecters want, and I will sign up as Wheat.

(Debuting Time!)

Nonexisty: Ok, the vote was all for one person. That person is.......

Nonexisty: Google Earth Logo! Welcome to the show. You'all be one the winning team. Anyway, the next challenge is to make a confessional. It is that simple. First one to do it gets a Win Token, and the team with more people who did it wins. See you next time!

Blue Hat: Why didn't you guys vote for me?! Anyway, sign up for anyone you want, you heard it from nonexisty, now go!

Hairspray: Aaw, picked last!

Nonexisty: Ok, once 5 people do the challenge, the next contest will begin, which is UOF 1A! If no one does it by February 20th, I will choose a random contestant to do the challenge.

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