Ice Cube: hello guys. last time, Chilli Pepper, Leafy, Needle And Tapey fell in the danger zone and balloon rejoined. lets see which danger zoner will leave. leafy is safe at only 12 votes. tapey is safe at only 15 votes. its down to chilli pepper and needle.

the tv shows the votes.

Ice Cube: chilli pepper is safe at 18 votes while needle is eliminated at 20 votes.

Needle: Aw Seriously? *gets teleported to the toilet of dispair*

Nail Spins the wheel and it lands on The Awakeathon.

Ice Cube: your next challenge is to stay awake.


Ice Cube: ok. Starry, Leafy, Cone And Bomb fell into the danger zone. 1 of them will go. bomb is safe at only 19 votes. cone is safe at 28 votes. either starry or leafy will leave. starry is safe at 34 votes while leafy leaves at 45 votes.

Leafy: OH NO! WHY MUST I LEAVE? *gets sent to the toilet of dispair*

meanwhile in the toilet of dispair......


Bubble: im so sad to be eliminated!

Flower: Yeah, Right! *pops Bubble*

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