Two is the primary host, and arguably the main green number in the upcoming YouTube series Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two. Although he is the host of TPOT.

He is voiced by Niall Burns; creator of Object Overload.


Two initially shows a friendly and optimistic disposition, greeting the competitors while approaching from space and maintaining a positive mood as he advertises his show to the other contestants. He also likes to show off his powers to the contestants and even promises to give them his powers to them if they join Two's show. However, Two later turns out to be arrogant and somewhat sadistic, as he grins smugly when the contestants leave Four and use his powers to attack Four. Judging by how eager he was to get rid of Four (even saying "Finally!" when he was gone) and how he refers to X as a "Silly boy" when the BFB contestants take him away. It shows that Two possibly has a rivalry or even hatred toward Four. Two tends to lose his cool and get irritated when they get interrupted or are kept waiting.


Two is a green number 2 drawn in a similar style as Four and X. However, unlike Four, he seems to have been drawn more competently than Four, with the lines being clean and not overlapping, possibly showing how he thinks he is better than Four. His face is located on the upper section, while Four has his on his lower section.

Where Two is From

  • South London, England (BalloonyFan6789)
  • 62.West Wallaby Street, Wigan, UK (Cloud2015)
  • Numbearth (Jokshoofficalonscratch77)
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