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Welcome to Twenty Five Objects, where twenty five objects, accompanied by two hosts Firecracker and Prism, battle each other to win $2,000,000.

List of Contestants

Note: All of the following objects are owned by SoaPuffball. You can have a character similar to one of the below (since lots of clones are in the OSC), but you are not allowed to rip the entire character off.

Contestant Simple Bio Placing Team
Crate M Crate is a very mysterious person who seems to never make friends due to his dark history. The Sparkled Sparkle
Flaggy M Flaggy is a very active and energetic player who does his best, but his clumsiness hinders his team. Team BRAINS
Gold Bar F Gold Bar is a stylish object who loves makeovers, but when her teem is in need, she goes to help. The Sparkled Sparkle
Crystal Ball F Crystal Ball is a foreteller who tells the future. She is very fragile and light, but she is intelligent. Team BRAINS
Rubik's Cube M Rubik's Cube is a very intelligent math-loving scholar who does his best to solve problems and making puzzles. Team BRAINS (Captain)
Glasses M/F Glasses is a twin, both nerds, who loves talking about science. They usually argue about who is better. Team BRAINS
Ruler F Ruler is a friendly teenager going through life, friends with Protractor, and usually positive in her outlook. The Sparkled Sparkle
Protractor F Protractor is a cool teenager, friends with Ruler, and quite negative. The Sparkled Sparkle
Key M Key is a jock who thinks he's cool, but also helps his friends. Sometimes he gets carried away with his words and brags. Team BRAINS
Cracker M Cracker is a very childish and joyful contestant, very bubbly, but sometimes, when things don't go to plan, he cries. Team BRAINS
Safe M Safe is very protective but has a low temper, and a wannabe team player. No one knows what's inside him, even himself. The Sparkled Sparkle
Picnic Blanket M Picnic Blanket, sometimes nicknamed Blanket, is an active guy, loves eating and helping, and an overall nice guy. Team BRAINS
Selfie Stick F Selfie Stick is a photographer and a friendly girl. She usually gets her friends together for a selfie. The Sparkled Sparkle
Gift Wrap M Gift Wrap is a kind but annoying guy, who surprises his friends at any time. 25th (Eliminated for being annoying with surprises.) Teamless
House F House is a bossy girl, who expects anyone to do anything for her. But deep inside, she is a kind girl, but only a few know of it. The Sparkled Sparkle
Police Siren M Police Siren is a strict player who is also a grammar nazi. He helps people, but he usually fails to. Team BRAINS
Atom F Atom is a tiny contestant who does her best to get noticed, but fails. Only Antenna hears her. The Sparkled Sparkle
Antenna F Antenna is Atom's friend who helps her as much as she can. However, due to this, she fails to notice the others. The Sparkled Sparkle (Captain)
Wirey M Wirey is a confusing contestant, as he stutters his words and shakes a lot. He is used to it, though. Team BRAINS
Drawer M Drawer is a big contestant. He kicks people who, in any way, bully him. The Sparkled Sparkle
Hazard Cone M Hazard Cone is Key's jock protege, training him to be a jock with his arms. He rarely reveals his legs, usually tucked inside the cone. He is also a bully. Team BRAINS
Painting F Painting is a classical girl, a bit bossy but is also nice. She prefers old tools rather than today's machines. The Sparkled Sparkle
Ketchup M Ketchup is a serious guy, always down to business and helps people calm down. He hates water. Team BRAINS
Trash Can M Trash Can is a sad person that everyone avoids. He only cleans himself every month. Team BRAINS
Straw Hat M Straw Hat is a very Japanese individual. He speaks in Japanese, but he can also speak in English. The Sparkled Sparkle


  • The two teams are a somewhat small reference to two of Race to Reach The Roof (xXBombs_AwayXx's camp S2)'s five teams. The Sparkled Sparkle has the same initials as The Spectacular Spikes, and Team BRAINS is based off Team Outstanding Beings Just Excelling Camps Today (Team OBJECT).
  • Straw Hat was the last character to be made, as a replacement for Locker.
  • Crate was the first character to be made.
  • The hosts Firecracker and Prism, Crate, Atom, Antenna, Flaggy (originally named Flag), Hazard Cone, Picnic Blanket, Selfie Stick, Gold Bar, Key, Drawer and House were first seen in Algodoo under the username TheAwesomeBAddy. Firecracker and Prism were just contestants then.
  • Around 40 characters were made, but only twenty-seven were picked. Among them were Cannon (who has a major role in Episode 1), Luggage, Pill and Floater Twins who were one of the first 16 characters to be revealed, Wrench, Ribbon, Plus Sign, Cooking Pot, Plug, Four-leaf Clover, Maple Leaf, Cookie, Silver Bar, Ring, Mirror and Candy. Most of them have yet to do anything major in the show or have revealed personalities, minus Cannon, who was a big jerk, and Cookie, who was a friend of Cracker.


This show only has one episode due to Camp Object Forest.

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