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"Tune joins the battle!"
This character appears in the official version of Battle for Smash Ultimate by polysided! Either as a playable character, assist trophy, boss battle etc.

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"Tune's a nice guy. I hope they make it far" - Popcorn
This character is popular, and they're loved by many fans, maybe even because they're the host, they won a show or they're super likable.

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Hey guys! Look what I found!

Tune is a character in Object Mayhem, recommended by Marco Bonomo (better known online as BFDIdubita123). He is one of the returning characters in the second season.

He is also a recommended character from BFDIA, and also a character in The New York Camp (Season 2 only).

Fan Fiction[]

In Mortal Objects[]

Tune appears as a playable character that must be unlocked to play as. The player must defeat the Evil Tune boss fight to unlock him. Tune utilizes his evil form and music in battle to overwhelm his enemies.

In Mortal Objects II[]

Tune reappears as a playable character, with his evil form becoming a separate playable character. Even though he lost the ability to change into his evil form mid-battle, Tune gained an array of new attacks to make up for it.


  • He is one of two contestants to have a vocoded voice, the other one being Phone.
  • He debuted in Episode 7, along with Toast.
  • He and Evil Tune are the same object.
  • In The New York Camp, Tune is apparently a silent character. In episode 2B of Season 2, Vixel tells Bulletin Board that she should be more like Tune.