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"Look there! That must be where Tripodisians came from!" - Dr. Progress, Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds 2: The Next World'
This character is from Tripodis. It could be this figured out where it came from.

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"The. Tripodis Alien. Needs. To be. Fixed. Help me. Get it. Fixed!” - Firey Speaker Box
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"Well, yeah, but like, Tripodis Alien is already infinitely small, being a singularity-" - Black Hole
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You've got to be kidding me.."

—Terran #65, Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds 2: The Next World


Tripodis Aliens, known as Tripodisians, are the invaders of Tripodis in Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds 2: The Next World. They originates from the 2005 movie, Steven Spielberg's War of The Worlds.


The Tripodis Aliens have two minute arms hanging to their chest, two long, skinny arms with three fingers on each hand, and one leg. The heads are shaped in triangles, which resembles their Tripods. Their eyes are black, and they have two sets of sharp teeth. They also appear to be highly intelligent.


War of The Worlds (2005)

A couple of Tripodis Aliens entered the basement while they came down the downstairs.

Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds 2: The Next World

One of the Tripodis Aliens wearing a mech suit seems to be dead in the Araxadroidian surgery room in First Alien Scene.

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