Hey guys! Look at this Triangle (TFFM) I made!" - Triangle
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Hermaphrodite (due to Multiple Personality Disorder)


The Duo




  • Hivey
  • Tomato
  • Dusty
  • Swiss Roll
  • Bug Net
  • Moneybags
  • Seaweed
  • Magnet


  • Mushroom
OwO whats this??
— Triangle

Triangle, known as The Duo, is a character on The Fight for Magic..


Triangle is a multi-personality character, swapping whenever they are hit with any amount of force, for instance having a rock thrown at them. Persona A shows a male Triangle to be considerably intelligent and slightly brave, but prefers to keep to himself because he fears that when he is around people, they could cause him to switch personalities. On the other hand, Persona B shows a female Triangle with almost an exact opposite outlook than Persona A. She is extremely outgoing, loud and friendly. She shows no respect for Persona A's inventions, but where Persona B lacks in smarts and bravery, she makes up for it in friendliness and popularity. She is shown to be very caring and fun to be around and is incredible at making friends. However, the most notable part about Persona B is her text emoticon faces, where instead of bearing a normal object face, she usually uses emoticons along the lines of 'OwO' and ':3c:. Although they are both 2 sides of the same coin, they are shown to have an extreme dislike for eachother. In some instances, Persona A has tried to separate the two of them into different bodies, with little success, and Persona B attempts to destroy Persona A's mechs and machines.


Triangle is a cyan triangle with legs and a face. Their face sometimes resembles the 'OwO' emoticon and they are quite small compared to other contestants.


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