Traffic Light are a trio of three male contestants on Inanimate Insanity Infinity in an alternate universe, who make their debut in "Alternate Reality Show". They are voiced by LorenTzel.


Traffic Light consists of three lights, Green Light, Yellow Light and Red Light, each in a constant state of a specific emotion. Green Light is always happy-go-lucky and enthusiastic, Yellow Light is dull, apathetic and unexcited, and Red Light is in a permanent state of anger and fury. While Green Light is passionate and energetic about nearly everything, Red Light seems enraged and irritated by Green Light's excitement. Meanwhile, Yellow Light seems ambivalent to the two, always responding with a simple "Meh."


  • Traffic Light is the first contestant to consist of three people.
  • But they're the second to consist of more than one. (The other being Yin-Yang)


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