Toy Capsule is a make character on Life or Death and is the leader of Dagon Labs.


TC is a toy capsule that you could get out of a claw machine. He has a blue top and clear bottom and, shape wise, resembles a lollipop top.


Toy Capsule, or TC, is a leader who, unlike Hand Held, listens to his team. However, he believes that he is on a team of idiots. When apart from the team/in a tough situation along with the LOD squad, he may be seen making bets. He could also be hanging around casinos and banks.


  • He does not have his right hand/arm
  • His design is similar to Cool Capsule's design from TROC 4
    • However, they are 2 separate characters, due to being in different dimensions and that one of them is based on an IRL object.
  • He might somehow be related to Grow Capsule, but that is just a theory.
  • Due to his top half and bottom half being separate parts, he can take off the blue half and put objects and other things in himself.
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