Disclaimer: Total Wheely Airlines is not to be confused with Trans World Airlines

Total Wheely Airines is an upcoming parody of Total Drama World Tour

Why Airlines? i just like Airlines, and World Tour just sounds overused!


Signups are Here


  1. Unlocking Disaster
  2. Racing the Storm
  3. Fire on Board
  4. Flying Blind
  5. Cutting Corners
  6. Flying on Empty
  7. Blowout
  8. A Wounded Bird
  9. The Killing Machine
  10. Deadly Crossroads
  11. Lost
  12. Missing over New York
  13. Hanging by a Thread
  14. Attack over Baghdad
  15. Out of Control
  16. Fight for Your Life
  17. Bomb on Board
  18. Mistaken Identity
  19. Death and Denial
  20. Kid in the Cockpit


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