The Speaker Announcer and Mephone4 have teamed up to make the best show in the world......Total Object World Tour!

Episode 1:Welcome To The World!

Speaker:Hello everyone. I am your host,Speaker....

Mephone4:And I'm Mephone4

Speaker and Mephone4:And this is Total Object World Tour!

Mephone4:Each episode,we go to a different place around the world...

Speaker:And to get to those places,We must travel by plane.


Speaker and Mephone4:The Plane Of Awesomeness!

Speaker:But before we get traveling,we need the 45 contestants.

The bus arrives

Mephone4:And here it is!


Speaker:Balloon,Salt,Spongy,Pepper,Knife,Coiny,Paper,Yin-Yang,Teardrop,Puffball,Eraser,Bow,Pickle,Lightbulb,Needle,Marshmellow,Paintbrush,Fries,Snowball,Donut,Gelatin,OJ,Tennis Ball,Bomb,Golf Ball,Pen,Nickel,Pin,Taco,Yellow Face,Leafy,Baseball,Flower,Ice Cube,Blocky,Rocky,Pencil,Match,Firey,Book,Bubble,Ruby,David,Apple,and last but not least........Woody!

OJ:Oh No! I can't be with Bomb! He's a idiotic jerk!

Gelatin:So when are we going to fly?

Mephone4:Right now!

They all get in the airplane except for Apple

Apple:Wait! I signed up for this show! I have to be in it!

She grabs the door and shuts it when she got inside

Speaker:Okay! Now that everyone is here,let's explain the rules!

Rule 1:No cheating!

Rule 2:No slacking!

Rule 3:No complaining on what token you get!

Marshmellow:Wait! There are tokens?

Mephone4:Yep! Here they are!

Win Token:This token can erase half of your votes. Given out every episode (There are only 30 Win Tokens)

Immunity Token:This token can erase all your votes. Given out every 5 episodes (There are only 6 Immunity Tokens)

Revenge Token:This token can erase half your votes and you get to choose someone to have your other half of your votes. Given out every 10 episodes (There are only 3 Revenge Tokens)

Everything Token:This token has the powers of a Win,Immunity,and Revenge Token (There is only 1 Everything Token so you kinda have to be lucky)

Coiny:That's it?


Pen:So where are we going first?

Mephone4:We are going to Japan!

Tennis Ball:Yay!

Yellow Face:But what should we do to pass the time?

Speaker:This plane has a video game room,theater,and and book area. That will pass the time!


27 hours later

Eraser:(yawn)Are we there yet?

Mephone4:Your in luck! We are about to land!


Speaker:Hello contestants! This is the Speaker Announcer. We are about to land in Japan in 5 minutes!


The plane lands on Japan

Speaker:But before we do the first challenge,we need teams!

Mephone4:Team 1 is Team Victory!

Team Victory:

OJ Firey Gelatin Teardrop Yin-Yang Baseball Nickel Needle Woody Tennis Ball Marshmellow Bubble Book Yellow Face Paintbrush

Mephone4:Team 2 is Team Amazon!

Team Amazon

Salt Pepper Taco Bow Match Pencil Ice Cube Lightbulb Golf Ball Pin Puffball Apple Flower Leafy Ruby

Mephone4:The final team is Team Mephone4 Is Really Really Really Really Hot!

Team Mephone4 Is Really Really Really Really Hot

David Bomb Paper Coiny Spongy Donut Eraser Pen Snowball Blocky Knife Pickle Fries Balloon Rocky

Donut:Are you kidding me?


Speaker:Well,let's just get out of the plane and start the challenge

They all walk to Japan

Speaker:The first challenge is to make a Japanese commercial!

Baseball:Dude,those commercials suck!

Marshmellow:I know right?

Gelatin:I saw a japanese Dole commercial about this banana man that when he hear a lady crying,he gave her bananas out of his nose!


Pickle:So what are we going to advertise?

Mephone4:You guys will be advertising the tokens!


Team Amazon

Pin:So what should we make for our commercial?

Golf Ball:I don't know.....

Leafy:Well,it's gotta do something with the tokens

Puffball:But we are all girls here!

Apple:Hmmmmm......I think our commercial should have cheerleaders

Golf Ball:That's a great idea Apple!

Flower:Put me in the top! Put me in the top!

Team Mephone4 Is Really Really Really Really Hot

Coiny:Come on guys! We can't lose!

Fries:And who put you in charge?

Coiny:I don't know!

Pen:Guys! I know what we should do for our commercial!

Paper:And what is it?

Pen:I made 4 costumes that are based on the tokens!

Pen:Paper's the Win Token,Eraser's the Immunity Token,Donut's the Revenge Token,and I will be the Everything Token!

Donut:Dude. Why do you have to be the Everything Token?

Snowball:Yeah! I want to be the Everything Token!

Pen:Guys! Your are what you are and you don't get upset!

Fries:Come on guys! Let's make the commercial

Team Victory

Firey:I can't think of anything! Every idea is taken!

Gelatin:Maybe we can make the tokens alive?

Yin-Yang:That would be a great idea!

OJ:But wouldn't that be breaking the rules?

Book:Yeah Gelatin! We can't do that! The hosts want to see our hard work,not animation!

Gelatin:Come on! How bad can it be?

1 hour later

Mephone4:Times up! Let see your commercials!

He sees Team Amazon's commercial

Mephone4:This is pretty good but not good enough!

Speaker:I will judge Team Mephone4 Is Really Really Really Really Hot's Commercial

He sees Team Mephone4 Is Really Really Really Really Hot's Commercial

Speaker:I have to say......I liked the idea of contestants dressed up as tokens.

Mephone4:Now let's see Team Victory's commercial

He sees Team Victory's commercial

Mephone4:Guys. Animation was not apart of the rules of this challenge. So that means Team Mephone4 Is Really Really Really Really Hot wins and Pen gets the Win Token. That means Team Victory is up for elimination!

6 hours later

Speaker:Alright everyone. Go to the voting booth to think who you think is going to be eliminated!

Voting Booth







Nickel:Yellow Face



Tennis Ball:Yellow Face

Marshmellow:Yellow Face



Yellow Face:Paintbrush

Paintbrush:Yellow Face

Speaker:I will show the votes

0 votes:Firey,Teardrop,Baseball,Nickel,Needle,Woody,Tennis Ball,Marshmellow,Bubble,Book

1 vote:Paintbrush

2 votes:Gelatin

3 votes:OJ

4 votes:Yellow Face

5 votes:Yin-Yang


Speaker:Sorry Yin-Yang but you have been eliminated

Mephone4 opens the door

Yin-Yang:No! This is not how I should be treated! I want more respect!

Speaker throws him off the plane with his parachute


Mephone4:Now with Yin-Yang gone,the final 44 is here!

Mephone4:So stay tuned for episode 2!

Episode 2:United Cake-dom

Yellow Face:Man! That was close!

Firey:I know right? Who wouldn't love a yellow face? Yellow is my favorite color!

Speaker:Everyone. We are about to land in London.


They land in London

Lightbulb:So what's the challenge?

Mephone4:Let's go inside the palace.

They all enter the palace

Speaker:You all know about the queen right?


Speaker:All you have to do is bake a cake for her. The creator of the winning cake gets a Win Token. If that cake is horrible,you will be up for elimination! GO!

Team Mephone4 Is Really Really Really Really Hot

Snowball:So what should be the cake?

Donut:Maybe it should be Cherry like my filling!

Pen:I think we should do Strawberry!

Fries:That could work!

Coiny:Yeah! Let's get making!

Team Amazon

Salt:Should we do Ice Cream or Chocolate?

Match:I think we should do like chocolate.

Pencil:Yeah! It's so tasty!

Salt:I was going to pick that anyways.

Team Victory

Yellow Face:What's the cake we're making? I don't want to be up for elimination again!

Bubble:I'm not sure.

Book:How about Blueberry cake?

Gelatin:That's pretty good.

Firey:But don't you know how to make it?

Book:Well. I am a cookbook so yeah.

1 hour later

Mephone4:Times up! The queen will now judge your cakes!

The amazons show their chocolate cake

The Queen:Good. But it's not my favorite flavor.

The mephones show their strawberry cake

The Queen:This is good but you putted a little too much frosting.


The victorys show their blueberry cake

The Queen:This is splendid!

Mephone4:Team Victory wins and Book gets a Win Token! Team Amazon. Choose who you want gone at the elimination ceremony!

Salt:Golf Ball

Pepper:Golf Ball

Taco:Golf Ball

Bow:Golf Ball

Match:Golf Ball

Pencil:Golf Ball

Ice Cube:Golf Ball

Lightbulb:Golf Ball

Golf Ball:Apple





Leafy:Golf Ball


0 votes:Salt,Pepper,Taco,Bow,Pencil,Ice Cube,Lightbulb,Pin,Puffball,Leafy,and Ruby

1 vote:Match and Flower

4 votes:Apple

9 votes:Golf Ball

Golf Ball:What?!

Speaker:Sorry Golf Ball,but it's time to go now.

Mephone4 opens the door

Golf Ball:I can't believe you just voted off the most important character on your team

She grabs her parachute and jumps off the plane

Mephone4:Now there's only 43 objects left on this plane!

Speaker:Stay tuned for Episode 3!

Episode 3:If You Can't Take The Heat...

Mephone4:All right everyone! Guess the place we are going next!




Mephone4:You guys are all wrong! We are going to Arizona!

Baseball:I heard they have the grand canyon there!

Yellow Face:Awesome!

Speaker:Be quiet. We are about to land.

The plane lands on the edge of the Grand Canyon


Pickle:Man! It's so hot out here!

Ice Cube:I feel like melting!

Firey:Heat? I feel fine!

Marshmellow:That's because your made of fire.


Mephone4:The third challenge is to cross the grand canyon by using the tightrope. The team that gets there first will recive a win token! Go!

1 hour later

Speaker:The remaining contestants are:

Team Victory


Team Mephone4 Is Really Really Really Really Hot



Yellow Face:Come on Bubble! Would you do it for some Yoylecake?!


She runs to the other side of the canyon

Mephone4:Team Victory gets the final spot for immunity! Puffball gets the win token for bringing all of her team members to the other side of the canyon!

Speaker:Meet me at the elimination ceremony Team M.I.R.R.R.R.H.
















0 votes:Pen,Coiny,Snowball,Blocky,Bomb,Fries,Eraser,Rocky,Paper

1 vote:David,Knife,Balloon

2 votes:Pickle

4 votes:Spongy

5 votes:Donut

Donut:Are you kidding me!?

Mephone4:Donut. It's time to go.

Donut:I can't believe you voted off the most strongest player on your team! Without me,you guys are nothing!

He gets pushed by Speaker and he screams

Mephone4:Don't forget your parachute!

Speaker:With one person being eliminated in each team. We now have out final 42!

Mephone4:Yep! Stay tuned for episode 4!

Episode 4:When Maple Syrup Meets Insanity

Speaker:Today we will be going to Canada!

Gelatin:I knew it!

Salt:Aw what?!

Mephone4:All right everyone! We are about to land soon!

They get to Canada

Yellow Face:What's the challenge?

Mephone4:The fourth challenge is a maple syrup make-off

Pepper:What's that?

Speaker:You guys must make a food and cover it with maple syrup. The one we like the most wins for their team and the creator of that dish will recive a win token. GO!

Book:We should make maple syrup lobster


Match:Maybe we should do chocolate!

Ice Cube:Great idea!

Pen:Maple Syrup French Frys?

Eraser:Sure! Let's try that!


Mephone4:Let's see your foods!

Team Amazon:Maple Syrup Chocolate




Team Victory:Maple Syrup Lobster



Team M.I.R.R.R.R.H:Maple Syrup French Frys



Mephone4:Team Victory wins this challenge and Book receives a win token for thinking about it!

Speaker:See me at the elimination ceremony Team Amazon.







Ice Cube:Flower








0 votes:Salt,Pepper,Taco,Pencil,Ice Cube,Lightbulb,Puffball,Apple,Leafy,Ruby

1 vote:Pin

3 votes:Flower

5 votes:Bow and Match

Mephone4:Bow gots her votes first so she is eliminated!

Bow:Not coolio! Not coolio!


Bow:This is unfair! Why does everyone hate me? I should be lovable!

She gets pushed off the plane

Speaker:Now theirs only 41 contestants left! Stay tuned for episode 5!(aka The first immunity token episode!)

Bow is seen holding on to the wing of the plane

Bow:I'm never giving up on this show! NEVER!!!!!!

Episode 5:Love At First Sight

Speaker:Everyone. We are about to land in Paris.


The plane lands in Paris

Leafy:Oh boy! I cant wait for the challenge!

Mephone4:Me too. And since Paris has an obession of art,the 5th challenge is to make art!

Speaker:And dont forget that this is the first immunity token episode!

Mephone4:Yep! You have to paint your painting of course! GO!

Team Amazon

Leafy:Guys! I know how to impress the judges!

Match:By what?

Golf Ball:We can make our own paintings and then combine them together to make a big painting!

Pin:Thats a pretty smart idea!

Puffball:But I have no limbs!

Pencil:I'll paint for Puffy!

Puffball:Thanks! But seriously. Dont call me Puffy.

Team Victory

Firey:So what painting are we going to make?

Yellow Face:Yeah! What is it?

Book:Well. I am an art book.


Book:You guys can use me to make a painting!

Paintbrush:Thats a good idea!

Book:Then lets start painting!

Team M.I.R.R.R.R.H

Fries:Guys! Maybe we can paint a knockoff of one of those famous paintings

Eraser:But wouldnt that be cheating?

Fries:Listen! I'm the team leader and you must do whatever I say!

Snowball:Man! This guy is now getting on my nerves now!

Eraser:I know right? We are definitely voting him off if we lose!

1 hour later

Mephone4:Times up!

Speaker:Time to show the entrys!

Team Amazon:A together painting



Team Victory:The team logo



Team M.I.R.R.R.R.H:A knockoff of the Mona Lisa



Mephone4:Team Victory wins and Book receives a Win and Immunity Token! While Team M.I.R.R.R.R.H is up for elimination!















0 votes:Pen,Coiny,Snowball,Bomb,Eraser,Rocky,Paper,David,Knife,

1 vote:Spongy

2 votes:Blocky,Balloon,Pickle

7 votes:Fries

Fries:Are you kidding me guys?!?!?!

Balloon:Fries didnt deserve to go! He was our team leader!

Knife:Guess what? Nobody cares!

Fries jumps out of the plane with his parachute 

Mephone4:Now theres only 40 objects left! Stay tuned for episode 6!

Episode 5.5:A Big Mistake

Mephone4:Everyone. This is not episode 6. This is a serious episode.

Speaker:As you see. Why are we doing this?

Mephone4:Its because Eraser foreshadowed Fries' elimination

Speaker:Eraser. Come here please.

Eraser:Yeah. What is it?

Mephone4:You foreshadowed Fries' elimination


Mephone4:After you said that,everyone knew that Fries will be eliminated.


Mephone4:Instead,Fries will be brought back into the game and you will be eliminated!


Pen:You cant do that! I mean,why is foreshadowing a bad thing?

Speaker:Because it can spoil something.


Fries gets teleported back into the plane.

Fries:Yes! Im back!

Mephone4:Yes you are. And since Team Mephone4 Is Really Really Really Really Hot saw you as a threat. You will join Team Victory.


Speaker:Goodbye Eraser

Eraser:This is unfair Mephone4! I deserve a second chance!


He pushes Eraser out of the plane


Speaker:Lets hope no one ever foreshadows again.

Episode 6:Lets "Face" It Pal

Speaker:Everyone. We are about to land in South Dakota.

Lightbulb:Why are we going there?

Speaker:You will see.

Mephone4:And dont forget! Team Victory.

Team Victory:Yeah?

Mephone4:You guys will be receiving a new player!

OJ:And who is it?

Mephone4:Its Fries!

Book:Wasnt he eliminated last episode?

Mephone4:Eraser foreshadowed his elimination so I decided to let him stay and kick Eraser out.


They land in South Dakota

Balloon:Look! Mount Rushmore!

Speaker:That will be apart of the challenge which is to find 4 puzzle pieces under the presidents noses.

OJ:Are you serious?

Speaker:Nope. GO!

Ruby:Guys! I found a puzzle piece under Washington's nose!

Match:Great job Ruby!

She hi-fives her

Fries:I think I feel something.....

Book:I found one!

Knife:Got one!

Pen:I found one under Lincoln's nose!

Ruby:Me too!

Firey:Found it!

Fries:I got one too!


Blocky:I found the last piece!


Mephone4:Blocky gets a Win Token!


Ruby:I found the last piece!


Speaker:Team Victory is up for elimination! But Fries gets immunity for rejoining!










Tennis Ball:Book



Book:Yellow Face

Yellow Face:Book

Paintbrush:Yellow Face


0 votes:Firey,Gelatin,OJ,Teardrop,Baseball,Nickel,Needle,Woody,Tennis Ball,Marshmellow,Paintbrush,Fries

1 vote:Bubble

2 votes:Yellow Face

12 votes:Book

Book:I use my Immunity token!

Mephone4:Okay! Then Yellow Face is eliminated!


Yellow Face:This is all you fault Book! We all voted for you because you had alot of tokens!

He gets pushed off the plane with his parachute

Yellow Face:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaker:Now theres only 39 contestants still in it to win it! Stay tuned for episode 7!

Episode 7:Escape From Object Planet

Mephone4:Everyone. Get ready to land in a hazardious place!

Bubble:Oh No!

They land in Area 51

Pepper:What the?

Speaker:This is Area 51

Needle:Wait! You mean the place that has aliens?!

Mephone4:Yep. We are going to enter that place

They all enter Area 51

Speaker:The seventh challenge is to find an alien! If you find it,you will recieve a win token! GO!

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