Mephone4 and the Announcer have teamed up to make an all-new show that takes place in a abandoned movie lot.

Out favorite 44 contestants will battle it out for Dream Island and $1.000.000

They must survive many movie genres(even a aftershow!)to win it all!

Episode 1:Lights! Camera! Action!

Mephone4:Greeetings everyone out there! I am Mephone4!

Speaker:And I am the Speaker Announcer!

Mephone4:And this is a all-new show where 44 of our favorite BFDI and II contestants will be battling for Dream Island and $1.000.000!

The bus arrives

Speaker:And here they are!

Mephone4:Meet Pepper,Pencil,Eraser,Paintbrush,Coiny,Ice Cube,Pen,Balloon,Pickle,Match,Yellow Face,Knife,Leafy,Paper,Lightbulb,Needle,Blocky,OJ,Nickel,Salt,Puffball,David,Firey,Flower,Bow,Fries,Tennis Ball,Baseball,Teardrop,Pin,Marshmellow,Book,Ruby,Bubble,Gelatin,Apple,Rocky,Bomb,Snowball,Woody,Taco,Donut,Golf Ball,and last but not least..........Spongy!

Snowball:Wait. Why are we in a abandoned movie lot?

Speaker:Because that's the setting of T.O.A


Mephone4:Yep! That stands for.

Mephone4:Total! Object! Action!



Book:So what's the prize?

Speaker:Dream Island and $1.000.000


Mephone4:But first! We need teams!

Speaker:Team 1 will have:Pepper,Pencil,Eraser,Paintbrush,Coiny,Ice Cube,Pen,Balloon,Pickle,Match,Yellow Face,Knife,Leafy,Paper,Lightbulb,Needle,Blocky,OJ,Nickel,Salt,Puffball,and David.

Mephone4:They will be called:The Yelling Directors!


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