Anber: hmm what a lovely day

Cursor: glad you think it is


dab police badge: hmm, it's a fine sunny day--

communism: oh hell no!

-communsim is running from balloony-

anber: ah... time for voting!

flash-bang: this isn't fair, tongue!

tongue: well it isn't my fault

-they all stare-

anber: well flash-bang, cursor and hot air-balloon is safe!

cursor: yes!

hot air-balloon: game on!

-it's down to tongue and sodacan oh and tnt!-

anber: well sodacan is safe with no votes!

anber: and tnt is out!

flash-bang: grrrrr.

cursor: this is rigged?

hot air-balloon: so what happens to him?

anber: the challenge is toooo! play fornite ye!

trashcan: yuck!

anber: too bad!

Z: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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