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"Total Fruit Island, you don't need immunity, everyone loves you!" - Pin (BFDI)
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Veer didn't create TFI, and Pudster is actually not a radio host. - - 2022/02/03 00:47

Self explanatory....

We have gotten in contact with Veer! - - 2022/02/01 23:51

 If you do not know already, Veer is a user connected to Pudster and we found a way to contact him!...

Total Fruit Island is an obscure, lost object show. It was confirmed to have existed by only about 3 people including Cary Huang in a work call during the production of BFB, which he described the show to have a Stereotypical Asian orange as one of the characters. He claims that the show was uploaded sometime in December 2010 (which is also supported by a few Twitter posts made at the time). According to these old posts, the show had at least 2 episodes.

Cary also made a Humany video discussing the show, revealing much more information about it from his memory, such as a fruit basket being involved during the elimination, the show being a slideshow of MS Paint images (with blue and green rectangles as the ground and sky and colored circles for all the contestants), the show getting around 40 votes, and the orange character specifically being a Asian mandarin with closed eyes and a Fu Manchu mustache. He also mentioned that he doesn't think that the mandarin character was specifically intended to be offensive.

On January 14, 2022, a TFI investigator named "skype and teamspeak" managed to find the description of TFI episode 1 by looking through an old WordPress website on the Wayback Machine. The description reads: "Meet the fruits and the host. The teams are formed and an elimination already! COMMENT ON THIS VIDEO TO VOTE". The link to the description can be found at http://web.archive.org/web/20110324060404/http://bethubm.iluisa.com:80/?tag=mountain.

Episodes And Other Videos[]


  • Episode 1: Race Up Death Mountain
  • Status : Lost
    • Description: "Meet the fruits and the host. The teams are formed and an elimination already! COMMENT ON THIS VIDEO TO VOTE"
  • Episode 2: Stuck Between Walls
  • Status : Lost
    • No known information
Character Likelihood in show Role

Mandarin Orange

Likely Host
Apple Very Likely Contestant
Banana Very Likely Contestant
Dragonfruit Likely Contestant
Starfruit Confirmed Contestant
Avocado Confirmed Contestant

Known Media[]

In the comments of Humany's first video on the subject, alexlion0511 (who is most known for recommending/submitting a few characters in BFDI) mentioned in the comments that he might have remembered that there was possibly a dragon fruit contestant as well. There was also another user in the comments named Hayden Martin (who also seems to be another OSC- related based on their Channel Founded Date and old BFDI/TDI inspired videos from 2010-2012) who said that they remember a star fruit character on the show (which is further supported by a tweet from December 2010). The same person who made the Twitter post about Star Fruit in December 2010 also made another post that says "avacadp" with a link to a deleted video (most likely TFI episode 1, since they also mentioned the link on another post with the text "Episode 1: Race Up Death Mountain", which is very likely the title of the TFI episode). It is very possible that they might have misspelled a vote for "avocado", indicating that there was an avocado character on the show.

Also, Cary said both in his Humany video and in the comments of a Lazykh video that people were discussing the show on the jacknjellify channel comments (which sadly was deleted). In the Lazykh video, he said that there could possibly be a way to find out all the old comments, so if we find a way, we could actually find some old comments with more proof that the show actually existed then.

A tweet from December 8, 2010 officially confirms the existence of the show, and also that the creator had the custom URL "TotalFruitIsland" on YouTube. However, their channel seems to be deleted. The same person made another tweet around the same time with a link to a now-deleted video saying that they vote off Star Fruit, a mood swinger, possibly referring to this show, and also further proving that there was a star fruit character on the show (as first stated by Hayden Martin on the Humany YouTube video). The same link shown in this Star Fruit tweet was also seen an another post made by the same person with the text "Episode 2: Stuck Between Walls", which is very likely the name of the second TFI episode, proving that the show had at least 2 episodes. There are also multiple claims that suggest an episode where the characters bake a cake, then debate on why their cake is better than the others, hence the nickname "The Cake Debate", suggesting a third episode, though it's not real.

On the object show Furious Fruit Feud, a commenter by the name of "Ben1178" commented about if the show was "that old fruit show that was originally cancelled after a few episodes and was around when II started?" (possibly referring to TFI).[1] The creator of the show, englishcreamcakes (known for being an BFDI viewer around 2010-2014 and for also creating the show Object City) replied to a different comment that their fruit show was based off of TFI. This likely disproves the theory that there was an third episodeof TFI.

Questions for Cary[]

  1. Do you think that there may have been any other contestants besides the ones currently confirmed or not?


  • The upload date of December 2010 makes Total Fruit Island the second known object show in existence, placing Inanimate Insanity at third.
  • This show has garnered much attention and allure mostly due to a Youtuber named "Spartan Dash" (who happens to be the creator of Object Explosion) who created a video about an iceberg discussing various facts involving the Battle For Dream Island series.
  • Pudster12345 made the recommended character "Dumbbell" which appears in the 16th episode of BFDI.
  • I just felt like I should mention this. A tweet from @Memer6918 aka Twit asked jay silly boy the first voter and commenter on BFDI if he had any knowledge of it existing or any new info. He has not responded yet but if he does new info will slowly come out! Link to tweet is in the links section.