Total Drama Dream Island
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November 2013

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Total Drama Dream Island is the first season of the Inanimate Total Drama franchise. Ten original BFDI contestants will compete for a top secret prize, revealed at the end of the season. In this version, a randomiser determines the results, with possibly some user output. Unlike BFDI, where the prize is Dream Island, this show will have the contestants compete ON Dream Island, but not everything will be luxury for our contestants. The host is the Speaker Announcer.


These are the contestants taking part in Season 1. A new contestant (one of the eleven other BFDI characters) will join the game at the Final 8. An eliminated contestant will re-join at the final 6.

From the start, they will be in teams up until the point where an eliminated contestant will re-join. Then, they will be split up and from there, they will be fighting for themselves. 

Contestant Gender Team Status
Blocky Male Barf Bags
Bubble Female YoyleSmart
Coiny Male YoyleSmart
Eraser Male Barf Bags
Firey Male Barf Bags
Flower Female YoyleSmart
Leafy Female Barf Bags
Match Female YoyleSmart
Pencil Female YoyleSmart
Rocky Male Barf Bags

Episode 1 ~ The Home Strait

All ten contestants started on the normal island, with the contestants racing to Dream Island. The two who reached Dream Island first would get to be the team captains and hence got to pick the teams. The teams were based on the captain's friends/enemies, and then algo for the others.

  • 1st to reach DI - Rocky
  • 2nd to reach DI - Bubble

Rocky then chose (by process of barfing): Fiery, Leafy, Blocky & Eraser

Bubble chose: Pencil, Match, Coiny, Flower

The team names were then chosen:

  • Rocky's team became the Barf Bags
  • Bubble's team became YoyleSmart

Episode 2 ~ A Mincetrocity!


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