Toilet, labeled The Buffoon, is a male supporting character on Inanimate Insanity II, and the assistant of MePhone4.


Toilet is a white toilet with a long curved base. He has a large bowl full of water on his front with a lid that functions as his mouth. Above the bowl is a large square tank with eyes and a light gray cover.


Toilet is a loud, impolite, argumentative, and obnoxious buffoon, who was the half-witted assistant to MePhone4. Although MePhone4 has shown his displeasure of Toilet's assistance, Toilet appears to be quite absentminded and oblivious to the fact and continues with his job with a happy and enthusiastic attitude.

With intense admiration and fondness for MePhone4, Toilet goes to great lengths in order to please MePhone4, such as traveling incredibly far for months to gather wires for him. In "A Kick in the Right Direction", Toilet remarks that he will do anything for him, even impossible tasks like reviving Bow. In "Let 'Er R.I.P., Toilet protects MePhone4 from Yin-Yang's attack, stating he would never let anything hurt him, though in "Tri Your Best", he inadvertently hurts MePhone4 himself by spraying water on him, showing he is rather oblivious to his own harm.

Toilet is very defensive of his title as MePhone4's assistant, despite doing a terrible job. He constantly becomes aggressive with MePhone4's second assistant, MePad, such as insulting MePad in various ways, though MePad doesn't seem to mind or care. In "Theft and Battery", Toilet reveals that he wants to be a good assistant and dislikes MePad for always getting MePhone4's attention. The two make amends after MePad shows that he feels no animosity for Toilet and considers them equal. In Season 2, Episode 13 in the end. MePhone4 fired him as he heard Toilet saying "I guess we don't need Adam's help after all."


  • Levitation: As Toilet doesn't possess legs, his main motive of moving around is through jumping and floating in the air, seen in almost every episode. Most notably in "Theft and Battery" when he floats back up to the hot air balloon after being thrown off.
  • Water: As seen in "Tri Your Best"," Everything's A-OJ" & Theft and Battery", he can spit water.

Fan Fiction


  • Tanner Cooke (Opinduver)
  • Tremont Bowen (KittyFan2004)
  • Tomen Garrix (ZanyWays217)
  • Timmy Johnson (Rosie1991)
  • Toshinald Knimpest
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Dates of birth

  • October 14 1995 (ZanyWays217)
  • April 1, 1982 (confirmed birthdate)
  • November 19, 1997 (Jokshoofficalonscratch77)


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