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No need to fear, screaming boy, for the power of nature will save us!

Tiki is a female contestant on Object Overload. She was placed on Team Tune. She also appeared in Object Overload's reboot as one of the returning characters. She knows Treesitzu.


Tiki has two heads: one on the top, and one on the bottom. Both of the heads are normally nice and sometimes brave. They also like to play with each other, and seem to believe in the power of nature.

Despite this, if their plan is about to backfire by one of the opposing team's members, they will attack him/her, despite the fact that they don't like to do it. They are also protective with their team's belongings.


  • Treesitzu: She seems to have mastered the art of Treesitzu.


Like Tissue, there is a story related to Tiki that happened before the events of Object Overload. While the other tikis were going to send a Christmas present to Gamey, Tiki accidentally trapped herself in the box. Then, Television, who is running away from something that scared him, also accidentally got trapped in the box. The tikis, not noticing that Tiki and Television are in the box, sent it away without looking twice.


  • She is one of the four characters to debut in Set in Stone, along with Locky, Fly Swat, and Television.
  • She is one of the two duo contestants in Object Overload, the other one being Cherry.
  • In Lost and Found and in the Object Overload Tribute Video, there are other Tikis which are found in a village.
  • Outside the 2015 series intro, Tiki is currently one of the characters that have not died once as of current.
    • According to Niall on a YouTube comment, Tiki, along with her species, is a totem pole.
      • This makes her one of the characters that are not named after the object they are based on.
        • In said YouTube comment, the reason why he named the character "Tiki" rather than "Totem Pole" was because it sounded better to him.