Tiara is the Female OC Made by KristephanyCruz9989 also known as TiaraGamer Est.2006.She Appeared as the recommended character in Object Connect episode 5.


She is Nice,Somewhat mean,Sarcastic,funny like Pit from Kid Icarus,She is the biggest Fan and Crush on Pit from Kid Icarus,She is Also Solar and Smarty(Like Rose From PVZ Heroes).


Unlike from the other Object Show Characters who have powers,although they have powers,yet it‘s Unknown to have powers,but Tiara has six powers stars top of her head,


  • Her Favourite Food Are Ice Cream,Vegetables and etc.(Except Shrimp Because she‘s Allergy,Same Allergy as her creator)
  • Her Number One most hated show is The Huggabug Club(because she haven’t seen this show before but she hates it,because everyone will get nightmares like Barney)
  • Her Favourite Movie Are WALL-E,Epic(2013 movie),Rio,Rio 2,Cars,Cars 2,Cars 3,Toy Story series and etc,like her creator.
  • She has a fictional a character crush is Pit(but in the meantime, she's no longer doing Fictional dating,she's now Pit's little sister)
  • Her personal Favourite Childhood show are Yo Gabba Gabba and Ni Hao Kai-lan.
  • Her Favourite Heroes From PVZ Heroes are Rose and Citron(same Favourite Heroes From PVZ Heroes as her creator)
  • Her birthday is Feb 14,2008(same birthday as her creator,but her creator is 2006 while her OC is 2008)
  • According to Kris’s Oc she is the one of her main OC and maskot of all time.
  • Somehow,Tiara can be Tsundere at times,despite the boys calling her Crown or scratching her body.
  • Tiara was confirmed to have Lesbophobia


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