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"The. Thunderchild Scene (Jacknjellify's WoTW RP). Needs. To be. Fixed! Help me. Get it. Fixed!” - Firey Speaker Box
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Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds - Thunderchild (REMASTERED)-0

An artwork of Meepleian Thunderchild


  • MePhone4: (Inside a Thunderchild) Alright we're heading to Mepolis.
  • Cake: THE Mepolis?
  • MePhone4: Of course.
  • Roboty: *Beeping* (Well.. I should supposed to be this futuristic city after we are a safe place until-)

Suddenly, the Objects and Meeple hears a Martian Tripod's horn.

  • Bubble: Did you guys hear that?
  • Donut: Uhh... guys?

Objects and Meeple sees sight of the Martian Tripods.

  • MePhone4: Oh god..
  • Ruby: *Gasp!*
  • Firey: Martians..
  • MePhone4S: You've god to be kidding me..

The Meepleian Thunderchild starts activating cannons at sight of the Martian Tripods.

  • MePhone4: Alright, FIRE!

The Meepleian Thunderchild's cannons blast up the Martian Tripod fleet.

  • Donut: Nice going!
  • MePhone4: Thanks! Now the trip is safe, but that doesn't mean the destination isn't. I've done some research and Martian Invaders hate water. They're more of a fire-type.
  • Martian Tripod #5: (Beams at one of Meepleian Thunderchild's Cannons with a heat ray)

The Meepleian Thunderchild's cannon destroys the Tripod.

  • Alert System: Breach at Cannon #3 on starboard.
  • MePhone4: Are you kidding me? I gotta check this out.
  • Martian Invader #7: (Inside Tripod) *Speaking in Oongi* (Get ready to fire some cannons.)
  • Ruby: (Dragged by a Martian Tripod #3) AAAHHH!!!! HELP ME!!!!

Objects pull Ruby away from the invader. A ripping sound ensures. It was the sound of Ruby's skirt ripping, shortening the hem.

  • Ruby: Oh geez! That was one of my FAVORITE skirts!
  • Flower: Oh god. Whatever you do, don't jump!

The Meepleian Thunderchild releases Meepleian Tripods with an invisible shield and some Meeple inside.

  • Martian Tripod #7: (Beams at MePhone6's Tripod with a heat ray)
  • MePhone6: I've been hit! This should do it, though! (Destroys Martian Tripod #7 with laser ray)

Few of Martian Tripods beaming Meepleian Thunderchild's cannons with heat rays. Suddenly, the Martian Invaders jumps out of their tripods and enters inside of Meepleian Thunderchild.

  • Suitcase: OH GOD! *holds a gun and shoots the Martian Invader*

Leafy sees a Martian Tripod while the invader exited then Leafy ran at the Martian Tripod.

  • Leafy: What does it look like?
  • Leafy: *Facepalm* Oh my god.
  • Suitcase: Um, Leafy? We got ourselves a situation here!
  • MePhone5C: (Inside Tripod) Damn you die! (destroys Martian Tripod #3 with a laser ray)
  • Martian Tripod #3: *Get shot in explosion*
  • Suitcase: Why won't this die already?

Baby Bottle is trying to fight the tripods by throwing small balls.

  • Baby Bottle: I can't fi-fight these things! *cries*
  • Scissors: Well, if you can't fight, well take this! *pushes Baby Bottle into the ocean, and she dies.
  • M&M: That was wack, yo.

Suddenly, someone enters Martian Tripod and activating, it was Ruby.

  • Suitcase: Yes, Ruby! How did you get into there?
  • Ruby: I jumped in!
  • Flower: Dang it. I told her not to jump. She jumped.

Ruby turns the tripod toward the other tripod.

  • Ruby: Alright, y'all! Eat THIS!

Ruby goes and destroys all of the Martian Tripods. Ruby gets off her own tripod. The objects cheer.

  • MePhone4: Well done Ruby!
  • Ruby: Thank you! Now if you excuse me, I need a change of skirt. (Walks to her room.)
  • Female System: Attention, we are now arriving in Mepolis.
  • Suitcase: Looks nice.

The objects see the sight of Mepolis.

  • Snowball: Whoa... This place is like a futuristic!
  • MePhone4: We should be docking soon.

Ruby comes out, this time wearing a green pleated skirt to replace her orange damaged one.

  • Ruby: WHAT THE?! What is this place?!
  • Four, X: Mepolis.
  • Donut: Wow look at the speedy train!
  • Cake: I've only heard of this place in the magazines, but THIS. This is cool.
  • Flower: So cool! This place is amazing!
  • MePhone4: And we docked nice!
  • Suitcase: Thanks for bringing us here, MePhone4! So exciting!

A Martian Invader suddenly slinks out onto the dock.

  • Four: Now we go to the futuristic cities that I ever-
  • Ruby: (Screams in terror at sight of Martian Invader)
  • Suitcase: What is it?

The Martian Invader grabs Suitcase by the leg and holds her upside down.

  • Suitcase: AH! Balloon! Don't look!
  • Four: *Use arm to became gun-like blaster to shoots Martian Invader*

The Martian Invader dodges/blocks all of the attacks.

  • Four: Do'h, I missed.
  • X: Go back on the ship please.
  • Four: We are on the ship idiot.
  • X: Oh.

The Martian Invader still holds Suitcase upside down.

  • Suitcase: Damn it. Too bad I don't have hands to keep my skirt down.

A robotic crane grabs Martian Invader and swinging and swinging faster and throws a distance of ocean.

Suitcase lands on top of Balloon, her skirt covering Balloon's eyes.

  • Balloon: Ah! I can't see! All I can see... Aren't those Suitcase's-
  • Suitcase: Mmm? *looks at Balloon* Ah! Whoopsie-Daisy! *steps aside*
  • X: *Jumps out of the Meepleian Thunderchild on the dock* Weee! *Hits on ground*, Ow.
  • Four: X, that was not safe.
  • X: I'm okay.
  • Four: *Hovers into dock*, I thought that was not safe but okay.
  • Cake: You want us to jump off into the deck?
  • Ruby: Yeah... not doing that.
  • Female System: Activating Bridge.
  • Ruby: It has that?

The bridge opened to dock.

  • Four: Now it has a bridge.
  • X: Ow.
  • Announcer: This place look interesting.
  • MePhone4S: True. I think Firey has been here, so he has known everything.
  • X: And do we bring snacks?
  • Cake: You ate them all already?
  • X: No Cake. I did not ate them all.
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