this is my first object show


the rules are this there are so many contestants who wont get eliminated or become a team. the ones that try to(or did) murder will die and be revived good who wont ever kill somebody with no memory that this had happened. when there is a challenge the winner will get points to shop for advantages that they can give or own. if the item is dangerous to there health they will have to be put in the recall-inator to be killed and revived as perfectly safe

extra info

  • if the contestants gets murdered they will not feel pain
  • the show is set in a boat
  • the title of the show is styled after suite life on deck as both shows are set in a boat
  • the episodes are just short stories

short story no.1(egg and fake announcer "dies")

the story begins when egg eats a snake and then he injects himself with chemicals that will make the snake become instantly to a adult until the snake is a adult. Then the snake is older after some seconds and egg explodes and the snake jumps off the sky deck to the sea and then the epic reviver box makes egg alive again then after that fake announcer drips green chemicals and says that inside him he makes deadly spiders with the chemicals and then a claw comes dragging him to the recall-inator then he is crushed by a giant metallic spiked gauntlet that then with the spider blood and chemicals he turns into fake announcer that is 2d and has arms and legs THE END

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