How this object show looks like (notice who's the host and the text, yeah, the text is basically only, random gibberish)

The Worsi Is a powerpoint object show which it's even more terrible in comparison with Shape World.

Unlike shape world, The Worsi isn't a mistake, it is just a very, But really very bad powerpoint object show to make look that shape world isn't the worst object show in existence. Also, It will literally never be show by the creator in public, at least in this wiki (Due to the horrible it is)


2019-02-21 at 03-46-50

What the very first ever challenge of this show looked like

It is just a bunch of these annoying default powerpoint smiley faces and random gibberish that is super hard to read or at understand a very only thing from it. there is not voice acting or at least music at all, and the background is, just that simple white background that appears on powerpoint as a 'default' background theme.

The host is basically the same as the others (that 'creepy' looking smiley face), everyone's personality is almost the same, but there is one sad face that hates his life, but tries to not commit suicide or to cry. there are 10 (originally 6) contestants in total, and are battling for a unknown prize (which, most likely will never be revealed) and the first challenge was a very lame balance beam challenge (which is almost common on very, but very bad object shows), and everyone except for two failed. these two persons managed to choose the characters in their teams. the teams does not have names, or any known character from the show (actually the characters does have names, but all of they names are the same).


  • It will be possibly cancelled after the creation of episode 2 or 3, or after 6 episodes more there will be a second, and last season with only 5 or 6 episodes.
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