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The Ultimate Brawl of The Objects RPG is a videogame made for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBox 360, XBox One, PC and IOS.


"After the Season 1 finale there is a gigantic prize that has been left untouched for months, yet still shines. Only one BOTO contestant can have this prize, so here begins the battle. Who will win?"

Playable Characters



  • Grassland (from ep 1)
  • The Hacker's Dungeon (from ep 2)
  • Shopping Mall (from ep 3)
  • Performance Stage (from ep 4)
  • Battle Monster Arena (from ep 5)
  • Volcano (from ep 6)
  • Haunted House (from ep 7)
  • Comparison Land (from ep 8)
  • Snowy Mountain (from ep 9)
  • Cave (from ep 10)
  • Kitchen (from ep 11)
  • Dream World (from ep 12)
  • All Stages Combined (for ep 13, final stage of collection 1)

Collection 2

  • Object Central Park
  • Pirate Ship
  • Spaceship
  • The Bush of Many Pears
  • Paris
  • Racetrack Road
  • Mountains
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