TUBOTO is a battle where the winner will win 1,000,000$. The 1st season have 20 contestants. Note: This series isn't animated, the wiki is the source of TUBOTO.

Season 1

Episode 1

Episode 2:

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Place Contestant About the contestant Team 1 2
TBA V Mask He is a DC Comics Fan, he doesn't like it when someone

call him a hacker.

TBA Infinity He is confident of winning the million dollars but he is

annoyed when people tells him that he isn't gonna win.

TBA Kumquat He has a crush on Acid Bucket, he isn't that much

addicted to her, he tries to be nice and careful to

her and everyone on his team.

TBA Banana She is nice to her teammates, but mostly Kumquat and

Lowercase h. She also has a crush on Lowercase h.

TBA Pentagon He scares people often during challenges, because of that,

no one likes him, except Apple.

TBA Hot Dog She is a cultural person who knows alot of obscure cartoons from different countries. He doesn't like memes. She also has a secret relationship with Pentagon. TVS WIN
TBA Fish He is like Krebs, he likes fish, he says it alot and annoys pretty much everyone with his very used line. TVS WIN
TBA Lowercase h He is a shy person, he doesn't interact with people very often.

He is like Woody from BFDI, but doesn't dab or overcomes his


TBA Puzzle Piece He is annoyed when Smores comes to him, he is arrogant towards

her and generally pushes people.

TBA Smores She is calm and doesn't get angered very often, she also likes

Puzzle Piece.

TBA Pickaxe She is a perfect example of a miner, he has alot of gems and fossils in his collection and slaps people who touches them without her permission TLR UFE
TBA Dice She is very althletic and does acrobatics alot in challenges. TLR UFE
TBA Clock She is nukephobia and is scared of dying of it, when she sees smoke in the sky, she faints or dies. She is a nice and pun-making person. TLR UFE
TBA Dummy Dummy is very stupid and is an idiot. He is a Robbie Rotten-like contestant who always disguises as people. TLR UFE
TBA Flashlight He is an adventure fan, he isn't scared of anything, which makes Pentagon's scary face looks useless towards his scare deflecter. TLR UFE
TBA Acid Bucket She is a predictor, she predicts often Kumquat or V Mask to win, which

makes Kumquat to have a crush on her. She is happy what people are nice to her.

TBA Hammer He is Flower's #1 fan, he has photos of Flower and oftens hugs his giant

Flower puppets. Dummy disguises perfectly as Flower to make him hate Flower, but it fails every times.

TBA Apple She is selfish, very mean and no one likes him, except Pentagon. TLR UFE
TBA Youtube Error He oftens copyright strikes people

for no apparent reasons, he is annoying and stupid.

TBA Fluffy Slime She is the kawaii type, she likes cute kitties and she also

does challenges.

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