20. Bowling Pin

BP is already eliminated. No doubt about it, she was weak.

19. Phone

It was a tie between him and LOLipop, and it was a staring contest. LOLipop won.

18/17.Green Puffball & Mini Golf Balls

The 2 BFDI ripoffs get eliminated in a double elimination. Heh, thats ironic.

16. Bowling Ball

He was a meanie, but gradually grew softer.

15. LOLipop

The viewers didnt like his bad jokes, but I did....Poor LOLipop.

Prediction Starts Here!

The prediction starts here.

14. Backpack

He’s fat. That’s that.

13. Blueberries

She is kinda bossy, but was accused of being mean, so....

12. Plug

She is a bossybot.

11. Glassy

She is a little bland, not gonna lie.

10. Sack

Hes bland too.

9. Helmet

He kept being warlike in challenges.


No more teams!

8. Lollipop

If youre a rip off, consider yourself already eliminated.

7. Cork

Since there is no more teams, she is kinda useless.

6/5. Star and Starfruit

Nobody likes a ripoff. Learn from Green Puffball, Mini Gilf Balls, Backpack, LOLipop, and Lollipop.


Once again, nobody likes a ripoff.

3. Soda

He made 3rd and bronze for being nice, i guess.

2. Nunchucks

Conjoined twins, never win. But they can place silver!

Headphones Wins

Headphones wins and gets to be the president of the world!

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