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The Storm Fighters is a team in BFTPITS. It was created by Shampoo (who is also the team captain).


A thunder cloud with two lightning bolts behind it.


  1. Shampoo (Team Captain)
  2. Basil
  3. Conch Shell
  4. Price Tag
  5. Clapboard
  6. Anchor
  7. Boom Mic
  8. Avocado
  9. Milkshake
  10. Ice Pop
  11. VHSy (Episode 9)
  12. Nonexisty (Episode 9)
  13. Salt Lamp (Episode 9)
  14. Snare Drum (Episode 9)
  15. Sotp Sign (Episode 9)


  • The team name references that storms happens in the sky.
  • Milkshake was supposed to be in The Ozone Masters (PDA's team) but due to her team having 10 members instead of nine (like the other two) it was changed to make sure that all three teams has 9 members.
  • This is the team with the most members.