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"Well, yeah, but like, The Puppies 200 Show/Episodes is already infinitely small, being a singularity-" - Black Hole
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Episodes, they are amount total of 100

Season 1

  1. Rocky Gets Back: Rocky gets back later for no reason.
  2. Something You've Never Seen: Chainsaw sends an trap for Spongebob and MS calls Dab Police.
  3. Water Park Mayhem: Everyone misbehave in a water park.
  4. Noob Invasion: Spongebob, Chainsaw, Marshmallow Sticks and Dab Police run from Roblox noobs.
  5. The Rival of Marshmallow Sticks: MS discovers his enemy with something
  6. Thinking Wrong: Chainsaw gets crazy and breaks the rules.
  7. Ruin My Birthday: Chainsaw and Dab Police destroy Spongebob's birthday party at Chuck e. Cheese's.
  8. Hotdogs: Chainsaw pranks Apple Juice and Bowling Ball eating H0TD0GS.
  9. Not My Fault: Chainsaw, Apple Juice, and Oreo tell lies to Dab Police.
  10. Marshmallowgnet: Oreo makes an merge machine and MS and Magnet merge together with an weird name.
  11. Bad Name: Chainsaw calls others with bad words without permission.
  12. Ghostly Adventures: Everyone become ghosts after an contest and get bullied.
  13. Mine!: Chainsaw and Apple Juice fight of an rubber chicken.
  14. A Day At The Mall: Everyone misbehave in a mall.
  15. Vomitaco Returns: Unlike "Vomitaco", Chainsaw and one contestant fight together.
  16. All Wet: Oreo drops water in everyone that acts stupid.
  17. TV Crushers: Oreo and Chainsaw fight for an television.

Season 2

  1. One and Once: The challenge is being flushed down the toilet.
  2. To be continued....
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