As father of son Ben Angeles, Jakson has a mission to sail around the world on an Indian junk. However, he meets unexpected guests in the junk and finds himself targeted in the seas when pirates try to hijack the ship.

Chapter One- Preparing

It was night. The sky was pitch dark, that you could not see it in front of your hands.

A lot of people were sleeping. In hotels, in houses, on the streets... everywhere, if it had shelter.

Except for a building. I won't have to tell you its location, though. One window was lighted, and you could see the shadows of two people. One was tall, and the other, short.

Both of the shadows were moving. And their mouths moving, too.

One name of the short shadow was Ben Angeles. He was not a shadow; he was a shadow of a human.

And so was the tall shadow, who was Jakson Angeles.

"Why do we have to bring lots of boxes? Aren't we on vacation tomorrow?" Ben inquired, curiosity beginning to bloom inside him like a morning glory in the morning.

"Oh, Ben. We are not on vacation. We are moving house to what sort of place. You'll find out soon; it is a secret." His father, Jakson replied with much enthusiasm as he could put in his reply. But in truth, he was lying. He was letting himself and Ben get prepared because he wanted to do something fantastic.

Something that occurred once in a lifetime.

"Hurry up, pack your bucket." Jakson ordered calmly.

"Okay, father. Whatever needs it has, I'll pack it." came the response from the dark- brown haired teenager, with tan skin.

As Jakson carried a heavy box, he accidentally slipped and fell, dropping the box. Plastic bottles of water spilled out of the box. "I can't believe how maladroit you are!" his son laughed, trying not to mock him. Nodding his head in reply, he picked up the bottles and put them in the huge cardboard box.

Suspiciously, Ben eyed his father taking out a long, thick rope. However, this time round, he neither asked his father a question, nor did he grab it from his hands.

But still. He started to stuff some food products in three big plastic boxes.

"I wish my mother would be there, packing up things with us and making it easier. But she's dead. I can't turn back the time." Jakson said, looking at a photo of him in a fancy blue tuxedo and a woman in a flowing white gown.

Hearing these words hit Ben so hard like as though someone whacked his stomach with a branch. Flashbacks hit him as he remembered himself at twelve, listening to his father's detailed and elaborate story of his wife's disappearance.

And they also hit Jakson's mind.

Chapter Two- The Flashback

The beach was filled with sunbathers, sandcastle builders, swimmers and snorkelers. Jakson and his wife were spending their day at the beaches of Malacca for their eleventh- year wedding anniversary. However, their twelve- year- old son, Ben was at his cousin's house.

"Should we get an ice- cream for each of us?" The woman asked.

"We can. It's nice to replicate our childhood moments of playing and spending time with our parents at the beach." Jakson replied.

Suddenly, a gunshot was heard as if on cue when Jakson and his wife took a step.

People screamed and scrambled for safety. Some of them were also taking shelter underneath trees and behind rocks.

Jakson looked behind of him. A motorboat was on the shore, with six men on board. One of them held a shotgun, and he had eyes filled with bloodlust.

"Marrin, no! Stay with me!" he yowled, flailing his arms as the woman bolted away from him, going to a huge rock for safety.

A bright flash appeared, and suddenly his wife was missing. He saw blood spattered on the sand just a few metres from where he was standing, and a chip mark from a rock.

"Marrin, where are you?"

Chapter Three- To the Beach


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