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???: Uh? Hello? Is this on?


???: Oh. Okay. Hello! I'm Virtual Reality Headset, but I prefer "Virtual". Hey, you ever heard of an object show? Well, it's basically a show where a bunch of talking objects (like me) compete to win a prize on a reality show. You all started in 2010 when a talking metal box-

Announcer: My name is Announcer.

Virtual: started a show where 20 objects comepeted to win an island of luxury, and they named it "Battle For Dream Island". Then some other objects decided to make another show called "Inanimate Insanity" in 2011, except this time the prize was $1,000,000. Then the objects from B.F.D.I decided to make a sequel in 2012, which sparked even more object shows. Then they made two more sequels in 2016. By that time, there were dozens of fan-made object shows that happen to this day. And then one day, the hosts of the three main shows (BFDI, II, and OO) decided to make one show with all the contestants from their object shows.

MePhone: But THEN..

Virtual: I decided to do the same thing, BUT, with even more object shows. Hundreds of objects have received invitations. Show 'em, MePad!

OJ in the distance: WHY AM I HERE?

Virtual: And so.. we started the Object Show Object Show, or the OSOS! However..we need help deciding one of the object shows to compete on the OSOS. That's right- today's voting is to recommend an object show with a link in the comments. In the next episode I will announce the recommendations. Voting ends on January 5, 2020.





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