"Hey, Pencil, where is everyone?" - Match after you reanimate her and Pencil before anyone else.
The Object Maker is a flash game created for the computer.


After Bomby creates a really big explosion, all of the BFDI/BFDIA/IDFB/BFB contestants are wiped out. The only contestants left are Fries and X. X acts as a tutorial character. Fries can also create machines by mining for resources. Using the machines, or manipulating the resources, can reanimate the characters.


Recommended Characters - Build the Airport building. Random recommended characters will appear nearby shortly after.

8 Ball - Craft black paint and then paint Golf Ball with it. (Only works when Four's Casino and Putting Green is built).

Balloony - Craft a helium machine and then craft plastic. Put the plastic over the machine.

Barf Bag - Build the Airport building. Barf Bag will arrive out of it shortly after.

Basketball - Built a Tournament Arena around a Basketball Court. Basketball can be unlocked after 5 tournaments.

Bell - Use the Airport to play Sky Flyer. You will win Bell after your first win.

Black Hole - Get Golf Ball to create a Distortion Machine and then set it to the highest level.

Blocky - Create red paint and then put it in the carving machine with Woody.

Bomby - If you enter the airport, you'll find Bomby complaining due to not being able to get through the metal detector.

Book - Enlist in building a sugar cane farm and then the "Author Tree" invention. Put a few pieces of paper from the farm inside the machine. Book will appear shortly after. (Must have Pencil or Pen with you).

Bottle - Recycle some glass from Cloudy's "collection".

Bracelety - Complete the "Who Should We Root For?" quest and talk to Ice Cube after.

Bubble - TBA


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