N: After a chaotic ending with meteors last season, I needed to reboot. The Noter 3 is ON!

N: There will be double eliminations just like season one. But there are no rejoins or debuts, and eliminated contestants get X-Isled to Exile. (Click the link to get to my first fanfic, Objects of Ultimate, where Exile was made. X-Isled is a triple pun, because it sounds like Exile, where the eliminated contestants go, X is X-ed out, or eliminated, and Isle because Dream Island is lost, but now it's nonexistent entirely.)

The contestants are still the originals.

Episode 0: What a Short Episode!

N: No challenge! Vote off anyone but just once!

Episode 1: Unfairness Hurts!

Match and Snowball are X-Isled to Exile. DET-22, ON!

The DET-22, a downgraded QET-4444 with only 2 lasers, fires lasers at Match and Snowball and they get X-Isled to Exile.

N: Vote anyone, NOW!

Episode 2: Time-Travel?!

N: Pencil and Leafy are OUT! Vote anyone now!

Episodes 3 and 4: For Real This Time!

N: Because I got 4 votes, I'm putting 2 episodes on air! Coiny, Flower, Teardrop, and Blocky are OUT! (They get X-Isled to Exile.)

N: Vote again, NOW!

Episode 5: Object Event!

Firey and Icy are OUT. This is getting repetitive. Vote again, NOW!

Episode 6: No more teams forever!

N: Woody and Bubble are out now, and do not use any teams or tiebreakers in your fanfics. Destroy teams, or I'LL destroy YOU!

Episode 7: One Return

Rocky is out. I only eliminated one contestant because I'm having a rejoin next, and Flower is already out. Eliminate two more, but remember you only get one vote for the elimination and one for the rejoin, so only one rejoin vote counts.

Note that you should be honest when picking someone to rejoin, and don't try to please others by hurting yourself, FOR FAIRNESS!

E7.5: It's in!

(Note that E stands for EPisode.)

After some odd conflict, Leafy returns, while eliminating Spongy and Golf Ball. Now vote off anyone else, NOW! Since Leafy just rejoined she gets 1 episode of immunity.

E7.75: Signing Away!

N: My master sent me this note, telling me that NoNameUltimate has LEFT the object show community since they feel like BFDI is gone. I'll end this and slice away those Units.

(N slashes the Units that a contestant would win.)

N: Lord Fairness, OUT!

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