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The New York Camp is a camp, but it still counts as an object show because the characters have personalities and there are storylines.


The New York Camp was created on September 4th, 2016. 9 challenges (some incomplete) and their results went by until the show went on hiatus in April 2017. After the show returned in March 2018, it went steadily on and the final episode was released on July 14th. By then Boris had decided to make a second season because it had become popular since the reboot. Season 2 started two weeks later, and ended on May 19th, 2019. Season 3 began on June 8th, 2019, and is ongoing.


The New York Camp is created on Scratch, but Boris says that there will be a YouTube series in the future. It uses background animation (it is very similar to a PowerPoint show). TNYC's first episodes were more camp like (with very little object show traits, usually 1 line of dialogue per episode), but the results of challenge 11 really began modern TNYC.


The show is hosted by Borex, a green human, and has 19 contestants. In Season 2, all 19 contestants come back (including the winner, Object Ronald) and 39 new contestants are introduced. 5 more contestants debut shortly after the premiere, and two more contestants debut later on. Season 3 starts off with 42 contestants, and is done in the style of TROC 4 (teams of two).


The New York Camp and its second season are a good pair. Boris has created a whole franchise out of them, which includes his past 3 camps: Scratchlympics, Borguin Games, and Extreme Island. None of them have object show like traits, so none of them count as object shows. However, a show called The Ultimate Winner is planned, and it will actually be an object show.

Season 3 will likely be the last season.

A YouTube series titled Object Totality will be released in 2019. Three of the camp's contestants, Lego, Lyra, and Corny, will compete in the show, in addition to Borex hosting.

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