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Object Shows are various animated cartoons from internet, That generally is, Inanimate Objects, battling on a Reality TV style, to win a prize, generally the viewers vote on who is eliminated each episode.


Before Battle For Dream Island - 2007-2009

In May 2008, Michael and Cary Huang were in fifth grade, they made a fake catalog called "Dangerousway". It contains things that doesn't exist in real life. One time, there was a comic called "Firey to Keep Our Customers Happy". It introduces the first character of the series, Firey.

Many days in 2008, they make various comics and introduced new characters. In September of 2008, they started a comic series based on the Total Drama series, called "Total Firey Island".

In February 2009, they made an animated short featuring Blocky, Match and Coiny.

A point and click game starring Firey, "Firey's Candy Bar Adventure" was started in April 2009, It was never finished.

In August 2009, that is the beginning of BFDI's production! And so the storyboard begins...


BFDI's first episode was released on January,1st of 2010 on YouTube. And then the show started to get more and more sucess with the time.


In April of 2011, a person named Adam Katz, started to create, like, a BFDI parody. As just a little inspiration, it was "Inanimate Insanity".

In the same year, in september, another show called "Animation Island ", was created, but it did'nt make sucess in the time because of, badly animated on Paint, bad voice action, and script copied directly from Inanimate Insanity.


In 2012, BFDI's first season ended, but, on June, 29th, another season was created, called Battle for Dream Island Again, it had only 9 episodes before gets cancelled on BFDIA 6, that would be released on september, 1st, 2012, but was never finished.

Also, in the same year, new BFDI-like shows(How Object Shows was reffered back then), was created

Also, a Animation Island Reboot was created at the same year

2013 - start of the "Object Show Community"

2013 has arrived, BFDIA 6 was still don't made, but new object shows started to be created, the ones that already existed, has still continued.

In this year Inanimate Insanity got a new season, called Inanimate Insanity II, Object Overload , Excellent Entities and Object Twoniverse (Object Universe second season) was released.

Some other Object Shows that came in 2013:


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