The Great OC Race 2 is a sequel to The Great OC Race (Wow, I never would’ve guessed) created by ButterBlaziken230.


The rules are the same to the first one.


  • Legless contestants like Crystal Towery were banned.
  • The runner-up and winner from last season were eliminated, those people being Candy Corn and Glovey.


Here are all of the rounds.

Round 1

Spider Key and Blue Tetramino are eliminated. Evolved Cheese Orb goes to the Safe Zone.

Round 2

Pea and -1 are eliminated. Firey Picture gets an immunity ticket.

Round 3

Spikey Ruler And Star Wand are eliminated. Firey Picture was nearly eliminated, but he used the immunity ticket. Broken Bone goes to the Safe Zone.

Round 4

Xbox Logo and Fire Exity are eliminated. Capey gets an immunity ticket.

Round 5

Evolved Cheese Orb and Baked Bean are eliminated. Broken Bone goes to the Safe Zone again.

Round 6

CFOS Is Good Sign And Unknowny were eliminated. Capey was nearly eliminated but used the Immunity Ticket. Question Box gets an Escape Ticket.

Round 7

There is a rejoiner, and Star Wand rejoins. Question Box and Firey Picture are eliminated.

Round 8

Capey and Star Wand are eliminated, making Broken Bone the winner!!


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