The Great OC Race is a tournament, hosted by ButterBlaziken230. It involves a majority of his OCs, competing in several races.


  • The 2 people who get last place are eliminated.
  • If a character comes first, they can choose one of 3 things:
    • Go to the Safe Zone: The character sits out for that round.
    • Get an Immunity Ticket: The character receives the immunity ticket, an item that protects you if you are in the bottom 2.
    • Get an Escape Ticket: The character receives the Escape Ticket, an item that pushes a contestant out of the Safe Zone.
  • 1 time during the rounds, there can be a rejoiner. One eliminated contestant is back in the game, and goes to the safe zone along with the contestant who got first.


Green Face and Crystal Towery are not in the show because they are flyers, and can cheat.


Round 1

Capey and Baked Bean are eliminated. Question Box wins the prize, and chooses an immunity ticket.

Round 2

-1 and Xbox Logo are eliminated. CFOS Is Good Sign wins the prize, and goes to the Safe Zone.

Round 3

Question Box is nearly eliminated, but uses the immunity ticket. So, Firey Picture and Fire Exity are out. Star Wand gets the prize, and gets an Escape Ticket.

Round 4

Pea and Question Box are eliminated. Blue Tetramino wins the prize and chooses to go to the Safe Zone, but his prize is eliminated by Star Wand.

Round 5

Candy Corn and Broken Bone are eliminated. Glovey wins the prize, and gets an Immunity Ticket.

Round 6

CFOS Is Good Sign And Unknowny are eliminated. Glovey gets the prize again, and goes to the Safe Zone.

Round 7

Blue Tetramino and Star Wand are eliminated. That leaves Glovey and Spikey Ruler in the finals.

However, there is a rejoiner, and Candy Corn rejoins.

Round 8

Glovey was nearly eliminated, but uses his Immunity Ticket, so Spikey Ruler is eliminated.

Final Round!!

Glovey is eliminated, so Candy Corn wins!!


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