Welcome to The Fight for Magic Mini Camp! With your host, yours truly, Magic Orb! The prize will be 3 wishes.


Lets meet our contestants.

Moneybags and Emoji - Played by BattleReviews
Tomato, Hivey and Magnet - Played by Nemolee.exe
Icicle and Glowstick - Played by BFDINeedle
Axe - Played by CastlesRevenge
Sign - Jewel Ann Estodillo


Not only that, but there is also things you can collect called Magic Shards from being safe. The closer you are to being eliminated, the more shards you earn. These magic shards can be used to purchase in the shop below. (1 Shard = $)

1 Win token  (halves votes)= 3$ 1 Immunity token (immunity for 1 elimination) = 7$ 1 Revenge token (halves your votes and gives them votes to someone) = 7$ 1 Hurt token (doubles someone elses votes of your choosing) = 5$ 1 Heal token (halves someone elses votes of your choosing) = 5$ 1 Swap token (swaps yours and someone elses votes) = 3$ 1 Advantage (helps you next contest) = 5$ 1 Disadvantage (harms someone next contest) = 5$ 1 Break (lets you skip out a contest without being UFE) = 10$

9 contestants, 3 wishes, 1 show. This is TFFMMC!

Episode 1 - Starting off with a FLASH and a BANG!

  • Magic Orb - The first contest is -
  • ??? - HELP ME!!!
  • Magic Orb - Hmm?
  • - In the sky, Flashbang is stuck in a cage, hovering because of a helicopter fan on top.
  • Flashbang - I got trapped in this cage while hiking! HELP ME OUT!
  • Magic Orb - Hmmm... Ahah! The first challenge is to get Flashbang outta that cage! The methods will be judges by me and Flashbang, and the best 2 ideas get to pick the teams!


Moneybags - Moneybags spits a coin at the helicopter fan, makign the cage fall. Moneybags uses his tongue to save the falling cage, with flashbang.

Emoji - Emoji turns into the Rocket Emoji and opens the cage.

Tomato -

Hivey -

Magnet -

Icicle -

Glowstick -

Axe -

Sign - ​​​


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