Ice Cube: Welcome. last time, Knife And Bubble were eliminated because they failed the golden coin challenge. theres no more room for eliminated contestants so no one gets eliminated today. however, there are no more teams. you guys are the final 10.


Ice Cube: ok. Chilli Pepper, Leafy, Needle And Tapey Fell into the danger zone. however, 1 of them will go next episode. for now, lets get to the rejoin. Balloon, David, Flower, Knife And Bubble were eliminated. 1 of them will rejoin the game. not rejoining the game at 0 votes is david! not rejoining at only 5 votes is Knife. not rejoining at 13 votes is Flower. its either Balloon Or Bubble to rejoin the game. with a 29 to 30 vote, rejoining the game is Balloon. see you next time.

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