Announcer: The episodes had no cakes. We had a toy car.

Darby: That looks a toy!!

Announcer: Darby. Didn’t I tell you to yell?

Darby: Sorry. But let’s do Cake at Stake.

(5 mins later)

Announcer: We’re going to realease The eliminated contestants.

Skull: No! Don’t do that!

Announcer: Why not?

Firey: Because they are creatures!

Announcer: Too late.

(released the eliminated contestants)

Announcer: See? There perfectly fin...

(Chestpin bites announcers brain)

Darby: Ooooh.

Announcer: Are you all ready for the S.

Firey: S? What’s an S?

Announcer: Well. In that case, I don’t think we had to say and S sound.

Darby: You mean a T sound. It perhaps a T sound.

Announcer: Whatever. Now be iet.

Skull: Thanks a lot, Chestpin. You messed up the Announcer!!

Announcer: K. Moing On. We got 3 votes. We’re going to be able to have season 2. Darby. I’m sorry you had none of the votes. So you don’t win.

Darby: Do I get a prize?

Announcer: You get have 1 issue.

Darby: Bless you.

Skull: Wow. Announcer is allergic to this box of tissues. You can have it, Darby.

Darby: Thanks.

Announcer: Now it’s down to Skull and Firey


Darby: What? No drum roll?!?

Announcer: Because Of budget cuts. Anyway, Firey, you win.

Firey: Yay! Is that a ripoff of BFDI?

Announcer: eah.

Firey: OK.

(flings a toy car at Firey)

Darby: Wow.

Taco Bell Logo: Hurry Up!!

Announcer: Firey. Anyone is allowed on the island.

All: Yay!!

Skull: Oh No! Where’s Dream Island?

Announcer: We had to sell it.

All: Ahh!!

Darby: Seriously, Metal Box. You can’t sell Dream Island.

Announcer: I did.

All: Good-bye, Users! Have a great day!!

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