Skull: Wow. We cannot believe we had immunity!

Darby: Yeah!!

Announcer: Yeah. Let’s go to the Final Cake At Stake.

Announcer: We had 3 votes. Someone will be eliminated. Firey is safe with 0 votes.

Firey: Yay!!

Announcer: And Taco Bell Logo is eliminated with 3 votes.

Taco Bell Logo: Aw man.

(flashback at Episode 2, 3, 4)

Taco Bell Logo: I’m not going to be eliminated! I got my shield!

(teleports Taco Bell Logo in the TLC)

Taco Bell Logo: What? My shield didn’t work!

Announcer: So we had our 3 finalists. Firey, Skull and Darby. Vote if you want to win by commenting on this wiki.

Who Wins?

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