Darby: I’m so happy I had immunity.

Announcer: Yeah, Darby. You do.

Taco Bell Logo: It’s time for

Announcer: Cake At Stake. I know.

Announcer: We had Cotton Candy.

An Tomato: No Cake this time?!?

Announcer: Nope. No cake.

Skull: So. Who’s safe?

Announcer: Skull, Taco Bell Logo And Firey.

An Tomato: Oh no! I’m eliminated!

Announcer: Yeah. You’re eliminated.

(teleports an tomato into a tiny loser chamber)

Darby: Wow. Now I miss my food friend.

Announcer: Be quiet.


Announcer: Today’s Challenge is to whip a zebra.

Skull: Well. I guess.

Announcer: Go.

Zebra: (neighs)

Skull: I’m going to whip you.

Zebra: (neighs)

Darby: Can I join with you?

Skull: Yes.

Darby: OK.

Taco Bell Logo: No. I’m going to whip the zebra first!

(Darby kicks Taco Bell Logo)

Taco Bell Logo: Ahh!!

Firey: Ha Ha!!

(Taco Bell Logo slaps Firey)

Firey: Ow!!

(Skull and Darby whipped the zebra)

Zebra: (neighs)

Announcer: Darby and Skull. You get both an immunity ticket. So Taco Bell Logo and Firey are up for the final elimination. Vote right now.

Who gets eliminated for The finale?

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