Chestpin: I cannot believe I’m up for elimination.

Darby: Well, you have got kicked first from the User.

Announcer: Follow me. We’re going to be at the cake at stake.

Firey: Already?

Announcer: We got 4 votes. Whoever gets the most votes will be eliminated.

Firey: OK uhh...

Announcer: Darby and Firey. You only got 1 vote. And Chestpin will be eliminated.

(teleports chespin into the tiny loser chamber)

Darby: Now Chestpin is gone.


Announcer: The 3rd contest is to push a 30 lb couch. When I press the button, the ropes will release, the 1 will get immunity. The rest of them will be for elimination. Go.

An Tomato: I don’t have any limbs. But I will do that.

Announcer: 12 mins later. Come on. Do it.

Firey: Hnnnngh.

Announcer: Ha Ha. UFO.

Taco Bell Logo: Woah!! Ahh!!

Firey: Ahh!!

Skull: Ahh!!

Darby: I’m very strong.

Announcer: Watch out. There was a UFO coming.

An Tomato: Ahh!!

Announcer: Darby. You get an immunity ticket. So the 4 Of are up for elimination. Vote right now.

Who gets eliminated?

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