Announcer: People. The elimination was a lost time. But did not the challenge. Let’s do Cake at Stake.

Darby: OK. So how many votes do we have?

Announcer: Anyway, we got 2 votes. So who’ll will be eliminated?

Chestpin: I hope I’m not Eliminated.

Announcer: Actually. Darby, Chestpin, And Taco Bell Logo had 0 votes.

Taco Bell Logo: Hold On. Now it’s down to Skull and Desk.

Announcer: Ding. Skull is safe with 0 votes. And Desk will be eliminated. He dose not have arms.

Desk: Aw man!!

(teleports desk into the tiny loser chamber)

Skull: Yay!! I get to stay!

Announcer: Moving on.


Announcer: Right now. You have to chase the user. That’s the first challenge.

Taco Bell Logo: Go?

BattleReviews: Can’t catch me.

Chestpin: Well I have super speed.

(kicks Chestpin)

Chestpin: Ow!!

Announcer: If you got kicked like Chestpin. You’re out of the challenge. Now there was 2 more if they got kicked.

Darby: I’m going to catch you. Ngh.

Firey: Darby’s Right.

(kicks Firey)

Firey: Ahh!!

Announcer: Now there was 1 left.

BattleReviews: I’m going to kick the kid!!

(kicks darby)

Darby: Ouch!!

Announcer: And that’s it. Darby, Firey And Chestpin are up for elimination. Viewers. Vote even 6 votes. Vote right now.

Who Gets Eliminated?

The poll was created at 22:28 on April 25, 2018, and so far 5 people voted.
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