• This is only the elimination for now.
  • Mr. Yokai: Welcome back to The COOL Super Sawesome Elimination Show! Recommendations postponed, starting at Episode 10! Pretty sure you're biting your lips hoping not to go to Loserville and win Dab Island.
  • Root Beer: END. MY. LIFE.
  • Mr. Yokai: You gotta get the Eliminated Token if you want to do that Root Beer. ANYWAYS FOUR VOTES AGAIN.
  • Darby: People, vote more!
  • people ignore darby
  • Mr. Yokai: Anyways, Dr. Fox, you got 0 votes
  • Dr. Fox: Yes! (gets one dollar)
  • Mr. Yokai: Trigger also is safe!
  • Trigger: Oh thank GOSH! (gets one dollar)
  • Mr. Yokai: Shoutmon's safe.
  • Shoutmon: Sweet! (gets one dollar)
  • Mr. Yokai: Taco Bell is also safe!
  • Taco Bell Logo: STAHP CALLING ME THAT!
  • Mr. Yokai: (keeps one dollar) Sans is safe.
  • Sans: Oh yes! (gets two dollars, one his, one TBL's)
  • Taco Bell Logo: GIVE IT BACK! (punches Sans)
  • Mr. Yokai: Dumb! 1Up!
  • 1Up: Alright! (gets one dollar)
  • Mr. Yokai: Snowball and Pen are safe.
  • Snowball: What?
  • Pen: Yeah, what? (one dollar flies into their face)
  • Mr. Yokai: Ella's safe. (throws all his money at ella in hopes to give her one since the money burns)
  • Mr. Yokai: Don't worry... I've got enough money... anyways, Firey! (skips firey)
  • Firey: >:(
  • Mr. Yokai: Tied is Chainsaw Enemy and Battleaxe Enemy!
  • Battleaxe Enemy: WHY US?
  • Mr. Yokai: Uh, because...
  • Mr. Yokai: Contest is to climb that ladder! Ready? GO!
  • both chop their ladder
  • next is a wall, fails again
  • next is a plane, OOP IT BREAKS
  • Chainsaw Enemy chops the wall faster
  • Chainsaw Enemy: (sigh) Goodbye, Battleaxe Enemy.
  • Battleaxe Enemy: HOPE YOU WIN THIS! (gets sent to loserville)


  • Mr. Yokai: The challenge is not to be ripped by Blue Puyo. GO!
  • (too lazy, sorry)
  • Mr. Yokai: And Rowdyruff Tacos lost!
  • Taco Bell Logo ripped by Blue Puyo
  • Desk fell off platform when ram attempt gone wrong
  • Pie NEW Version and Pie OLD Version eaten by Chespin
  • A Tomato eaten by Taco Bell Logo "because he can't handle the hunger"
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