• Mr. Yokai: Welcome to elimination! We got three votes, a casual amount!
  • Mr. Yokai: Now let me guess: Lord Voldermatar is up for elimination for being the most hated object and Flumbo Murp for doing nothing! It's show time!
  • Mr. Yokai: With one vote...
  • Lord Voldermatar: ME ME!
  • Mr. Yokai: ...Flumbo Murp's safe.
  • Lord Voldermatar: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (gets kicked away to loserville)


  • Rillers: OH NO! LORD VOLDERMATAR! (starts charging)
  • Mr. Yokai: Looks like Rillers' coming. The challenge is not to be kicked by Rillers! No special prizes! GO!
  • All contestants teleported
  • Toadstool: I'm so hungry! (attempts to eat rillers but gets kicked)
  • LCA: 4/5
  • Chainsaw Enemy: Oh boy, that guy's dangerous!
  • Root Beer: KILL. ME. NOW! (shoots self)
  • LCA: 4/5, OB: 4/5
  • Taco Bell Logo: You know what? It's time for us to run! (runs in circles)
  • Taco Bell Logo gets so dizzy and kicks A Tomato and himself
  • LCA: 4/5, RT: 3/5, OB: 4/5
  • Dr. Fox: Quick! We got to kill him!
  • Rillers kicks Dr. Fox
  • LCA: 3/5, RT: 3/5, OB: 4/5
  • Trigger throws his teammates
  • LCA: 3/5, TH: 1/5, RT: 3/5, OB: 4/5
  • 1Up: Yay! (everybody else is running like crazy)
  • Trigger the Tiger is throwing people
  • So yeah, every team's done to 1. Let's see who's safe...
  • Rillers is so bruised he creates three clones of himself
  • Rillers' clones kick the last teammates EXCEPT Trigger and Bleh.
  • Bleh: BLEH! I hate this! (tries to sit on rillers but gets kicked towards trigger)
  • Mr. Yokai: Challenge over! We have a tie! Trigger, you betrayed your teammates and tried to kill Rillers, while Bleh, your team is horrible! YOUR TEAM'S UP FOR ELIMINATION.
  • Root Beer: I'm surprised that they got up for elimination! We should get eliminated instead! (breaks himself)
  • Mr. Yokai: By the way, the next episode, Remy and Vivienne are getting new looks! And recommendations start at Episode 5!
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