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The ButterBlaziken Show
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Run Time

1 minute (first 8 episodes)

10 minutes (rest of show)


all of ButterBlaziken230’s OCs

The ButterBlaziken Show is a show created by ButterBlaziken230. It is a cartoon about the lives of his OCs.


The characters are all of ButterBlaziken230’s OCs. A list of them can be found at ButterBlaziken230's List Of OCs.



This part of the show isn’t a pilot, but the show was redesigned into a completely different series later, so this is referred to as a pilot.

Season 1

More Episodes will come out soon!

TV Rating

In the pilot, the TV Rating is 9+ for violence, mild threat and rude humour. Most of the stuff is safe for 8+, but there are some things in episodes that make it 9+. However, the actual episodes are 12+.

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